Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Joe...and other random ramblings

 So today was really not my favorite day. It started terribly from waking up and going to work to almost hitting a stupid deer. I was grumpy all morning from lack of sleep, so when a customer asked for FIVE glasses of soda and when the toast wasn't toasty enough and the burrito wasn't going to fill him up, I was really wishing we had a punching bag in the back room. In the middle of my stupid fury over toast, I looked up and saw my Joe sitting out in his car honking the horn. Now Joe can't do much on his own, so he honks the horn for one of us to go out and help him out of his car. He is really just spoiled but I love him so it's ok .Joe is an old war hero. He is full of stories and is always telling me how his trigger finger doesn't work like it used to back in the day. So not only did it make my day seeing him, but he slapped me with reality. He hadn't been into eat because his three year old great grandson and his grandson had both died. One shot, the other was sick. ......I had been complaining about someone's toast?
........Later this afternoon we got a call that the dishwasher's son got run over by a drunk driver while on lunch his lunch break from school. Makes life seem so fragile. How can we complain about anything? 

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