Sunday, July 30, 2023

The Queen and the Knave Review + Paperback Giveaway!



About the Book

 Romance and mystery come full circle in the fifth and final book of Sarah M. Eden's best-selling Victorian Proper Romance series.

London, 1866

Móirín Donnelly has spent the last five years working in the shadows for the Dread Penny Society, a secret fraternity of penny dreadful authors who use their profits, influence, and street smarts to protect the poor and vulnerable of Victorian London. But spending so much of her life in secret is taking its toll on her soul—and her heart.

When members of the Dread Penny Society begin disappearing, Móirín turns to her friend Detective Constable Fitzgerald Parkington for help. The two have developed a friendly rapport, and Móirín feels like she can trust him, though perhaps not with all of her secrets.

Fitzgerald Parkington has a sixth sense when it comes to tracking down criminals, which is why he's recently been transferred to the Detective Department at Scotland Yard. But when roadblocks and red tape keep him from tracking down the criminal mastermind known as "The Tempest", he must rely on the one woman who has unexpectedly captured his heart—the brash, bold, and fiery Irish lass, Móirín Donnelly.

As the Tempest's deadly reach threatens to overwhelm all of London, Móirín and Fitz are caught in an elaborate game of cat and mouse that leads down back alleys, through dark London buildings, and right to the gates of Kensington Palace. Móirín has one chance to save Fitz and the Dread Penny Society from the Tempest, and she might have to sacrifice her one chance at love to do so. (Goodreads)

 Releases September 5th!



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I am giving away a paperback ARC of both The Queen and the Knave AND The Merchant and the Rogue! Both are paperback ARC copies. US entries only.

My Thoughts

This is the last book in the Dread Penny Society series which has been quite the adventure. I never knew much about penny dreadfuls until this series and it has been really fun to get an idea of what they could be like and also do more research on them myself. You do need to read the rest of this series, or at least most of it, before you read this final book. I wouldn't recommend reading this as a stand alone novel. I had fun with the characters and of course the setting I always enjoy. The mystery is pretty unique in this one and I found myself flipping the pages in curiosity more than anything. While this wasn't my favorite in the series I did still enjoy it. A lot of strings are pulled together and it makes for a good solid ending to the series. Sarah M. Eden has an incredible way of creating fictional worlds and you simply don't want to miss reading one of her books. 

Three and a half stars. 

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Sunday, July 23, 2023

A Lady's Promise Review


 About the Book

For orphaned New York socialite Isabella De Vries, finding a husband has become imperative. After unsuccessfully navigating four Seasons, it’s time to enlist the help of an old family friend to find her a suitable match. She trusts Preston implicitly, but his solution is both unconventional and he himself will marry Isabella in name alone so that she may be the sole beneficiary of his inheritance when he succumbs to the disease that will soon take his life. His plan solves everyone’s Isabella will be cared for, and his inheritance will be protected from his irresponsible younger brother, Prince. There is no love left between Prince Baxter and his older brother. When he hears that Preston is going to marry Isabella, Prince knows he will have to charm his way into friendship with Isabella if he wants to see any portion of the inheritance money. His plot, however, quickly crumples to pieces as he and Isabella establish a genuine connection―and he makes the mistake of falling in love with her. (Goodreads)

 Available September 5, 2023

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My Thoughts

I do not like any type of love triangle in a story. They are frustrating to no end. This book isn't exactly a love triangle but VERY close. I had imagined this book taking a different direction than it did so I was pretty surprised part way in to find that it was going in a direction I was not expecting. I really wanted to love the plot line and overall story but I just could not. Isabella is a decent character but I really like Preston most of all. Even with his faults he does what he thinks is best no matter what. He is a strong character that holds the pages together. There are some great scenes that deal with grief and caring deeply for friends. I think friendship shines a bit in this book and I love that part. The romance is what I did not care for and I didn't think it was handled in a redeeming way. This was an okay read and just not my favorite, though I am sure many will still enjoy it. 

Three Stars. 

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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Fragile Designs Review

About the Book

 Family secrets can be the most dangerous of all. When Carly Tucker’s police-officer husband is killed during a home break-in, she knows that her side hustle finding the antique treasures at flea markets isn’t enough to support her and their infant son, Noah. So her grandmother’s proposal to have her and her two sisters restore the family’s waterfront Beaufort home into a bed-and-breakfast--that Carly will run--is immediately intriguing. But it’s equally daunting with the animosity that exists between the three sisters. What Carly never expected as she begins to go through the attic was to find a letter in a trunk, written in her husband’s handwriting . . . dated two days before his death. Eric had discovered that Carly’s grandmother was adopted--a fact Carly is certain Gram is not aware of--and had already begun trying to track down her birth family. Is it possible that Eric’s death wasn’t random after all? With few options, Carly reaches out to Gram’s neighbor Simon—and the older brother of her high school sweetheart--who is a local homicide detective. One of the items in the trunk is an enameled egg. If it truly is a Faberge egg, the value could set Carly up for life . . . and would certainly be worth killing for. The journey to find the truth and protect her family will have Carly delving deep into the lost treasures of Eastern Europe--if she and Simon can survive that long. (Goodreads)


My Thoughts

Wow, this book takes you on a wild ride! I was so excited to read this story because the history on Fabergé eggs is fascinating to me. Right from the first chapter the reader is caught up in a murder investigation. Carly is trying to take care of her son and start over with life and very strange things keep happening. I really like the setting and Lucas basically makes this whole story worth reading. He delivers some superb dialogue that had me cheering out loud. He isn’t wishy washy and is just a plain all around terrific hero. There are some pretty obvious things and situations that weren’t really suspenseful but did add to the layers that make up the plot. The romance is subtle as the main focus is the mystery plot. There are a lot of casualties in this story and I was really confused why the main characters weren’t more concerned for their lives. I am not sure the reactions in the story are very accurate. However, this is a good read that will hold your attention and surprise you in the end. I recommend for lovers of suspense and Colleen Coble.

Four Stars!!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Windsong Manor Review




About the Book

A young widow. A gentle stable master. A secret that could change everything. Will Nora dare risk her heart?

The London Countryside, 1820

Eleanora Coventry comes from a life of title and privilege, but even that isn’t enough to prevent her from being wed at sixteen to a controlling and dismissive husband. So when she finds herself a widow at only twenty-seven, the idea of choosing her own path forward both thrills and terrifies her. She knows how to be a daughter and a wife and mother, but she has no idea how to be Eleanora.

She moves her son and daughter to her late husband’s country estate, where she meets Ridley, the young stable master. He is ruggedly handsome, but also kind, and Eleanora finds herself drawn to him. There is only one problem: Eleanora has a title, and Ridley does not.

Ridley Ellis has a way with horses. Even the most spirited stallions trust his soft voice and gentle touch. He has the same effect on people, and when he first lays eyes on Eleanora, he is smitten by her beauty. But he quickly discovers it will take more than soft words to gain her trust—Lord Coventry had been cruel to people and animals alike. But the closer he gets to Eleanora, the more he is willing to share his heart, and more importantly, his secret.

In a world where title and privilege mean everything, will Eleanora and Ridley risk it all to find happiness? Or will the shadows of their pasts destroy everything they hope to build together? (Goodreads)


 PRE-ORDER HERE! Releases October 3, 2023!



My Thoughts

I was excited to read this story since it involves a stable and a country estate. Eleanora has a distinctly different personality as a heroine and the characters in this book all have very strong personalities. This is a love story but really it is more of a woman figuring out her life after being married to a terrible man. Her entire world has changed and she now gets to choose how to raise children and run her life. There were multiple times while reading that the events happening took me out of the book because it seemed like more of a modern story. I didn’t feel like I was reading historical fiction set in the 1820s. I am not someone who notices or makes a big deal of things being perfectly historically accurate, but this book reads so much more like modern fiction when it comes to the plot and dialogue. I love the beautiful setting and there are some really great scenes with Ridley, especially with the children. While this isn’t my favorite book, the ending wraps up nicely and it was still a pleasant read. 

Three Stars.

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The Literary Book Club Unboxing~Treasure Island

 I got this beautiful book box from The Literary Book Club. I decided to unbox it as a first timer. I didn't unwrap the gifts though because I wanted it to be a surprise. I love the book Treasure Island so I was really excited to read it again and open the little gifts as I went along. This really is a beautiful book box and I am so excited I made it in on the wait list! 



Monday, July 10, 2023

Rescue in the Wilderness


About the Book

Book: Rescue in the Wilderness

Author: Andrea Byrd

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release date: June 27, 2023


William Cole cannot forget the cruel burden he carries, not with the pock marks that serve as an outward reminder. Riddled with guilt, he assumed the solitary life of a long hunter, traveling into the wilds of Kentucky each year. But his quiet existence is changed in an instant when, sitting in a tavern, he overhears a man offering his daughter—and her virtue—to the winner of the next round of cards. William’s integrity and desire for redemption will not allow him to sit idly by while such an injustice occurs.

Lucinda Gillespie has suffered from an inexplicable illness her entire life. Her father, embarrassed by her condition, has subjected her to a lonely existence of abuse and confinement. But faced with the ultimate betrayal on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Lucinda quickly realizes her trust is better placed in his hands of the mysterious man who appears at her door. Especially when he offers her the one thing she never thought would be within her grasp—freedom.

In the blink of an eye, both lives change as they begin the difficult, danger-fraught journey westward on the Wilderness Trail. But can they overcome their own perceptions of themselves to find love and the life God created them for?


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About the Author


Andrea Byrd is a Christian wife and mom located in rural Kentucky, who loves to spend time with her family in the great outdoors, one with nature. Often described as having been born outside her time, she has a deep affinity for an old-fashioned, natural lifestyle.

With a degree in Equine Health & Rehabilitation gathering dust and a full-time job tethering her to a desk eight hours a day, Andrea decided it was time to show both herself and her children that it is truly possible to make your dreams come true. Now with over 1,000 contemporary Christian romance novellas sold, Andrea is pursuing her passion of writing faith-filled romance woven with a thread of true history.


More form Andrea

There is so much inspiration that fed into the creation of Rescue in the Wilderness.

Not only was the Good Lord’s guiding hand ever-present, but so was the influence of those that came before me. This story was inspired by my own ancestors, as well as the countless others, that made the arduous journey through Cumberland Gap to settle in Kentucky. Those brave souls opened up a whole new world, and for some of us, established the area in which their families would preside for centuries to come.

As a lover of books that integrate history into fiction myself, I also wished to shed light on the “Hard Winter” of 1779-1780. This was a winter that came early, and with great intensity. While it caused hardships for many across the country, it made the journey through the Cumberland Gap all the more perilous.

Beyond these historical facts, I also wished to pay tribute to those who suffer from chronic pain conditions. I will never forget the day a friend of mine, whom the Lord called home all too soon, told me of her childhood rheumatoid arthritis and how there were days she was in too much pain to leave her bed. In this book, I wished to explore what pioneer life might have been for someone who suffered from such a condition.

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To celebrate her tour, Andrea is giving away the grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card!!

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 My Thoughts

This is a pretty good book! I really enjoyed the characters and the adventure that they embark upon. I thought the author did a good job fleshing out what made William and Lucinda into the people they were. The story takes the reader on a westward journey and there are many things that happen along the way of course. Both William and Lucinda are not picture perfect and I really appreciated that aspect because it was much more real to life. What starts out as a rescue leads to so much more and I couldn't put it down until the end! 

Four Stars. 

" I received this book from the publisher for free. All opinions are my own and I was not required to give a positive review."



Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Man of Shadow & Mist Review



About the Book

Book: Man of Shadow and Mist

Author: Michelle Griep

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction

Release date: June, 2023


“The world seems full of good men—even if there are monsters in it.”

–Bram Stoker, Dracula

England, 1890

Vampires are alive and well in North Yorkshire, leastwise in the minds of the uneducated. Librarian Rosa Edwards intends to drive a stake through the heart of such superstitions. But gossip flies when the mysterious Sir James Morgan returns to his shadowy manor. The townsfolk say he is cursed.

James hates everything about England. The weather. The rumours. The scorn. Yet he must stay. His mother is dying of a disease for which he’s desperately trying to find a cure—an illness that will eventually take his own life.

When Rosa sets out to prove the dark gossip about James is wrong, she discovers more questions than answers. How can she accept what she can’t explain—especially the strong allure of the enigmatic man? James must battle a town steeped in fear as well as the unsettling attraction he feels for the no-nonsense librarian.

Can love prevail in a town filled with fear and doubt?


Click here to get your copy!


About the Author


Michelle Griep’s been writing since she first discovered blank wall space and Crayolas. She is the Christy Award-winning author of historical romances: A Tale of Two Hearts, The Captured Bride, The Innkeeper’s Daughter, 12 Days at Bleakly Manor, The Captive Heart, Brentwood’s Ward, A Heart Deceived, and Gallimore, but also leaped the historical fence into the realm of contemporary with the zany romantic mystery Out of the Frying Pan. If you’d like to keep up with her escapades, find her at or stalk her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

And guess what? She loves to hear from readers! Feel free to drop her a note at


More from Michelle

A Visit to Whitby

Every time I skip across the pond, I make it a point to visit Whitby. What’s the draw? This northern Yorkshire town is steeped in history and is every bit as magical today as it was back in Bram Stoker’s day…when he went to visit and was inspired to set much of his Dracula tale there. In fact, that is exactly where he got the inspiration for the name Dracula when he visited the library and did a bit of research.

Sound interesting? Then come along with me on a virtual visit with pictures from my last trip.


When walking the windy, narrow roads of Whitby, you can’t help but let your imagination wander because it’s as if you’re there in the nineteenth century. Can’t you just see a long-gowned heroine glancing over her shoulder at you as she flees down this lane?

And overlooking these lanes is the infamous abbey ruins, an eerie sentinel that sits atop the cliffs. It is rumoured a ghostly woman appears in the window, but I didn’t see her.

Still in operation today is this old coaching inn, which of course I had to use in one of my scenes.

There are still fishermen who ply these waters for trade, but this harbor isn’t nearly as active as it was centuries ago.

Twice I’ve made the coastal hike from Whitby to Robinhood’s Bay. This is where I imagined librarian Rosa Edwards riding her bicycle delivering books.

And yes, indeed, the sea mists are a very real thing, sometimes so thick it’s disorienting.

So, see what I mean? Whitby is a magical place, well worth the effort to get to if you ever venture over to England. And if that doesn’t quite fit into your budget or schedule, never fear.

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To celebrate her tour, Michelle is giving away the grand prize package of a $25 Amazon e-gift card and a copy of the book!!

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My Thoughts

Oh how I enjoyed this story! Also, have you seen this cover?! After reading Michelle Griep's novel Lost in Darkness I was thrilled to find out there would be more in the series! This one is a bit of a twist on Dracula, which I have never read so those that have might appreciate it all the more. While this is a gothic read and the topic of vampires comes up in the pages it is NOT a horror story. This book makes it quite clear that vampires are indeed not real. BUT it does bring up why people thought they were and the history behind the idea. I LOVED the history tidbits in the back of the book. I adored the characters. I couldn't get enough of James and his personality. Rose was simply delightful and a strong female lead. She wasn't wishy washy and stood up for herself and those she loved. There is mystery, suspense, and romance all wrapped up in the best setting. It is possibly one of my favorite books of the year so far! I can't wait to read what Michelle Griep writes next! 

Five Stars!

"I received this book from the publisher for free. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review."