Saturday, May 21, 2011

Old Town Museum

Today, me and my man decided to spend the entire day together! We have both just finished up college and are in a gap between now and when we will part ways for two months. Sad. I know. Anyway. So today, Chance decided we should head to Burlington, CO to this Old Town museum. I had never been before and he had only once. Burlington is about thirty minutes from Goodland so it was just a small little road trip.

We had so much fun walking around and taking pictures. We had four cameras with us (yes, crazy I know) and took a ton of pictures. His camera has better zoom so he took close ups and I took random shots. Great fun.

After leaving the museum, we decided to drive further on to Flagler, CO, which has a delightful restaurant and a store we love. The I-70 Diner is right off of the interstate and a fun place to sit and eat. The food was superb and the waitress friendly.

Overall it was a lovely day and I enjoyed spending it with Chance. Here are some pictures from our adventure!


Random Spring Days.....

This is my amazing coffee mug that I take with me everywhere....

This was a morning after the rain. It is a different world in Kansas. The birds and trees and smells are all so different. Though the tornadoes aren't much fun but the simple rain is nice. I like it. :)
The irises were on the corner by where I live and the pansies are mine. All of the daffodils and tulips already ran their course or I would take pictures of those.

Speaking of has been so sad to see how much of the south was destroyed recently. I am very blessed and feel for all of those people. I have a lot to be thankful for, my house wasn't destroyed, my car is just fine, my man is super, and I have a job. Along with a million other things -I am blessed.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heaven is for Real Book Review

I just finished reading Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent. It was a very good book and I enjoyed it immensely. I would recommend the book to anyone. I loved the honesty that was written and it really made me think. I believe the story, and think it is possible for a person (adult or child) to experience something like this. Read it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Dress

So today I tried on my wedding dress once again. I just have to from time to time. Yes, I know, sad. Me who doesn't like dresses but it's fun to try on the wedding dress-it's different. My friend Lauren gave me some tips on things I should do, so that was helpful. Here is what it will look like but the actual pictures of it on me won't be on here until after the wedding. :)

It looks way different in person! I love it!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Churched-Funny Yet Disappointing

About the Book
In this first-hand account, author Matthew Paul Turner shares amusing–sometimes cringe-worthy–and poignant stories about growing up in a fundamentalist household, where even well-intentioned contemporary Christian music was proclaimed to be “of the devil.”

churched is a collection of stories that detail an American boy’s experiences growing up in a culture where men weren’t allowed let their hair grow to touch their ears (“an abomination!”), women wouldn’t have been caught dead in a pair of pants (unless swimming), and the pastor couldn’t preach a sermon without a healthy dose of hellfire and brimstone. Matthew grapples with the absurdity of a Sunday School Barbie burning, the passionate annual boxing match between the pastor and Satan, and the holiness of being baptized a fifth time–while growing into a young man who, amidst the chaotic mess of religion, falls in love with Jesus.

My Review

I was really excited to read Matthew Tuner's book Churched. I had heard great things about the book and it reading the information about it made me think about my own childhood. It was an amusing read, and I enjoyed his sarcastic sense of humor. Many of the things Turner writes about are true, and it's so funny because it is true. As I read the book, I kept waiting for him to make his point. The cover talks about a "kid's journey toward God", there was very little "journey" written about. I finished the book feeling slightly amused, and a tad upset because there was no point to the story. The book just ends, without any details or things to consider. I am a person who enjoys reading humor, but I also like a bit more depth in stories.

Note: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. This is my honest opinion on the book.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Beautiful New Camera

My new found joy!

I LOVE IT!!!! I wasn't planning on getting it, but a lady was selling hers. I couldn't turn down the great deal she was offering. I love it! It's older but perfect for me.

There will be many more pictures to come but here are two for now. The wheat is so incredibly beautiful right now.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lilacs on a May Day

I got off work this morning and it was a beautiful day. I grabbed my two cameras and went for a walk and discovered the lilac bush. I love lilacs. I love lilac close ups. I love the smell and the delicate look they have. It was too much fun. My pansies also looked happy this morning.
I have also baked a loaf of banana bread, done laundry, dishes, and other random chores. :) Love it.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Creamed Asparagus Recipe

I have always loved asparagus. It's delicious. When I was little I would eat insane amounts of it. The only way I had ever eaten it was just steamed asparagus. I recently discovered a new recipe from Chance's mom. She is a great cook. Amazing is all I have to say.


Fresh asparagus
Salt and Pepper

What to do:
Steam the asparagus until cooked, (not crunchy but not overcooked to where its falling apart).
Steaming it keeps the nutrients in the asparagus. I steam it for about thirty minutes on low heat.
If you don't have a steamer set a colander in the sauce pan with just enough water to steam, but not cover the asparagus. I also cut my asparagus up to help it cook faster.

When the asparagus is almost done, mix up a roux.
How to make roux:
Melt butter in a pan, enough butter to create the mixture. I used about 2 tablespoons.
Add flour to the butter and mix it until it thickens.
Add milk until it's not thick and sticky or runny but more smooth.

This picture is about it will start to look like, though you won't need as much and it should be a little thicker. If you need to thicken it, just add flour.

Add salt and pepper until the roux doesn't just taste like flour. You would be surprised what a little salt and pepper can do!

Now you can add the steamed asparagus to the creamy yummy roux and stir it in just enough to get it all covered. (If you stir too much the asparagus will fall apart)

Top with a dash of salt and pepper and enjoy!

Summer is Around the Corner!

My pansy plant bloomed the first flower today! First pansy of the year for me!

College classes are almost over (thank goodness) and I will be headed back to Salida for two months. I must say college is not what I expected and I'm going to be very happy to be done with it. I think it's God way of testing my patience. I have finals in three more classes and then a full week to spend time with my man before I leave. I'm going to miss him terribly. Hopefully we will be able to do what we did before and see each other at least once a month.

This summer is going to be busy. I have been planning it for the past few weeks (I'm a planner) and have come to the conclusion that I'm going to be very tired. I am taking 12 credits of college classes and working at my old job at the Country Bounty Restaurant. Hopefully I will be able to pick up a couple of cleaning jobs as well. This will be my last summer as an unmarried woman.
Here is the list I started of things I want to do summer 2011:
  • Hike the Gold dust trail (must take camera!)
  • Hike a fourteen-er with Hunter (pictures!)
  • Walk on the bike path during sunset (camera!)
  • Eat at all of my favorite places in Buena Vista and Salida
  • Get rid of more of my stuff that I don't need and take to Free the Monkey Consignment
  • Eat amazing food at the Country Bounty
  • Sushi in Canon City
  • Cook randomly
  • Finish Planning Wedding!
 I LOVE sushi!

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Wedding Flowers

    Our colors for the wedding are green, yellow, and brown.

    Option #1
    I love this bouquet but I'm nervous about the colors. It's beautiful though. I would probably not have as many roses but same idea.

    Option #2
    I love this because it is more simple and not just yellow.

    Option #3
    But I like this one because yellow.....Dilemma!

    This picture is mainly for the boutonniere. Chance doesn't want to wear a big sunflower and he thought this would look nice. I also love the flowers in the buckets!

    Option #4
    Yes, I'm sure they are all starting to look the same now. I love this one too because of the green....and yellow. I really love how it is tied together.

    This is my current wedding dilemma. But progress because these are my final ideas!

    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    May Already?

    I can't believe it is May. Seems like just yesterday winter hadn't even started yet. I feel like time is passing me by. Things go by so quickly these days, faster then before. I was on Facebook last night and I noticed my friend Rachel posted a video of her little baby boy William. That is probably what triggered the whole time passing thing. It seems not too long ago Rachel and I were just little kids, running around without a care in the world. The video made me realize how much I need to hold that little boy. He has already grown, as I have watched through pictures sent to me of his adorable self. I'm not wishing I had a kid, but I do wish I got to spoil everyone else kids more often!

    Everything changes so fast it's hard to keep up sometimes. Another friend I grew up with also recently had her baby. I feel too young for so many things to change all at once like they have. With all of the constant changes in my life, I've never experienced a change that didn't end up good in one way or another.

    Anywho I've rambled enough at four in the morning. I need my coffee now. :)

    Plain Wisdom Book Review

    I found this book to be a delightful read. Plain Wisdom contains a story I was not expecting. I've read many of Woodsmalls' books and was curious to see what this one was about. These ladies are two complete opposites, but in pages they are so similar. I really enjoyed the recipes that are throughout the book. I love trying new things and the Amish eat some really good food!

    Probably the main reason I liked this book so much is because of how the two completely different worlds are shown to be so much alike. Plain Wisdom made me think about how materialistic I can be, and how most of the things I think matter, really don't.

    I would encourage any woman to read this book for a light but thoughtful read.

    Note: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. This is my honest opinion on the book.