Friday, September 29, 2017

One Christmas Bear Kid's Book Review


 About the Book 

Count the Blessings of Christmas

Follow the merry adventures of a polar bear and the artic animals as they enjoy winter fun! From crunchy candy canes and frosty snowballs to friends to play with and a family to love, your little one will enjoy counting God’s wonderful gifts.

Anne Vittur Kennedy has been delighting young children with her humorous and playful books for thirty years. Her awards include American Library Association’s Notable Books List, Teacher’s Choice, The Green Earth Book Award, and The Green Prize for Sustainable Literature. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

I love Christmas books and this one has some fun illustrations. This is also a board book which is nice for little ones and more difficult to destroy. There isn't really a deep meaning to this book or much to learn from it is just a bright Christmas book about playful animals. This would make a good gift for the holidays or just nice to add to your collection. 

Four stars. 

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy Review


 About the Book

Each day presents an opportunity to find delight, whether in your surroundings, your work, your relationships, your insights, or your actions. This journal will guide you to look inside and outside yourself to discover and appreciate what makes you happiest.

With prompts and exercises, the wise words of writers, musicians, philosophers, and leaders will help you reflect on what fills you with joy. You'll measure your happiness at the outset and along the way; after a year's worth of delight, your smile will be bigger than ever. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

I really like books like this because they are fun to look back on. This type of book would make a great gift or is fun for yourself. Each page you write the date and then do the creative random task it gives you. It is simple, doesn't take a lot of time and is fun. If keeping a journal isn't for you I recommend picking up this book. 
For a fun and creative book, this is a good one!

Five stars. 

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

An Inconvenient Beauty Book Review

About the Book
The Duke of Riverton has chosen his future wife with the same logic he uses to make every decision. However, his perfect bride eludes his suit, while the beautiful Isabella Breckenridge seems to be everywhere. When the time comes, will Griffith and Isabella be able to set aside their pride and initial notions to embrace their very own happily-ever-after? (Goodreads)
My Thoughts
Having read all of the books previous to this, of course I had to see what happens with Griffith! I highly recommend starting with book one, though it is not necessary.  This book held my attention and kept me up most of the night, so I did enjoy it. I liked the overall story line and once I got to know Isabella the book got better. There is a constant repetition on how beautiful Isabella is and after a bit that part got old. This book could be difficult to read for a woman who is down about her looks because the book clearly shows how the men liked the beautiful women and that is how any of them get noticed. That is just my opinion and while Griffith states he cares more about a woman than her looks,  he doesn't really act like it in this book.
In any case this was a fun light read, at times I found my self laughing out right.

Four stars.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Liar's Winter Book Review



About the Book
The choices you make determine who you are. No no mark." Lochiel Ogle was born with a red-wine birthmark--and it put her life in jeopardy from the moment she entered the world. Mountain folks called it "the mark of the devil," and for all the evil that has plagued her nineteen-year existence, Lochiel is ready to believe that is true. And the evil surely took control of the mind of the boy who stole her as an infant, bringing her home for his mother to raise.

Abused and abandoned by the only people she knows as family, Lochiel is rescued by a peddler and given the first glimpse of love she has ever known. The truth of her past is gradually revealed as is the fact that she is still hunted by a brother driven to see her dead. Unsure if there's anyone she can truly trust, Lochiel is faced with a series of choices: Will she continue to run for escape or will she face her past and accept the heartbreaking secrets it reveals? Which will truly free her?

Set in the wild and beautiful Appalachian Mountains of nineteenth-century East Tennessee, Liar's Winter is an unflinching yet inspirational exploration of prejudice and choice. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

 I have so many mixed feelings after reading this book. I LOVED Cindy's previous book with a similar setting. This book deals with messy life stuff, at times it was just plain difficult to read because there was so much hate and pain. Lochiel is a young woman who has been treated horribly because of a birth mark on her face. The way people treated her is awful, though not hard to believe either. I kept waiting for the horrible things to stop happening and see the light at the end of the tunnel. The end cut it really close for that to happen and I feel like perhaps everything was tied up a little too fast. Edna is a wonderful secondary character and the true shining light in this book. This book is full of action and kept me wanting to read, and it certainly makes you think about life from a different perspective. 
I give this book four stars because I am a bit unsettled on the ending. Otherwise I did like this book, just keep in mind it is not a light book to read. 

Four stars. 

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Friday, September 22, 2017

All In Matthew West CD Review and GIVEAWAY

Matthew’s heart behind the album:

Matthew wrote his new album All In with the goal of encouraging himself and others to get up off the sidelines of their faith and really live it out – to go all in in your time with God, all in with your family, all in with your community, and all in battling your fears that may hold you back from becoming who God made you to be. Along that same theme, Matthew will be launching a 6-week All in Challenge on his social media starting 9/18, and each week Matthew will be challenging his fans to go all in in a different part of their lives. What does it look like when a heart that knows Jesus takes a step and holds nothing back? How can we go All In in the places that mean the most?

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Social Corner:

 My Thoughts

Matthew West has some great songs that I have enjoyed for years, but this album is fresh and new and I love it! All In, Amen, The Sound of a Life Changing (SO GOOD), 1 Song (fun upbeat), are my favorites but really all good! If you need some fresh music to add to your collection, I HIGHLY recommend this album! I love hearing new Christian music that sounds different and that I want to listen to every day.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Wonder of Advent Devotional Review


 About the Book

Rediscover the heart of the Advent season
As the year comes to a close and the stress and busyness of the consumer Christmas holiday grows, it can be easy to lose sight of what the season really calls us to: worship. In today's world, is it even possible to slow down, to ponder, to wonder in the coming birth of Christ?

This Advent, recapture the mystery and beauty of the season with The Wonder of Advent Devotional. In this insightful and thought-provoking book, beloved devotional author Chris Tiegreen brings you into a deeper experience of this integral time in the church calendar. After completing a week of short readings to prepare your heart for the Advent season, you'll journey through December with daily Scripture readings, prompts for reflection, and guided prayer to help you savor this remarkable divine story. With each day, The Wonder of Advent Devotional will reconnect you with what happened in Bethlehem long ago--and experience it anew in your life right now. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

This is a lovely book that helps your focus during the holidays. It starts on November 24th and takes you through the whole season. Bible passages to look up and things to remember as this often stressful time goes on. This book is nice because it is small and too the point on each day. While a more in depth one would be nice, for those that don't have a lot of extra time this would make for a great book to have during the holidays. This would also make a great gift.
Five stars. 

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Saturday, September 9, 2017

All She Left Behind Book Review


About the Book

Jennie Pickett is a natural healer, but her dreams to become a doctor in 1870s Oregon put her at odds with the world around her. As she struggles to keep her dream alive, she finds that the road to fulfillment winds past love, heartache, and plenty of surprises along the way. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

Jane Kirkpatrick is such a talented author. I never know what I am going to get when I pick up one of her books, mainly because most of them are based on a true story. I love that she finds nuggets of history and digs deep to find out the whole story. This book is heavy and a roller coaster of emotions. When I read historical books I am always reminded that people haven't changed that much. This story deals with abuse, drugs, divorce, death, sickness, and a multitude of other life issues. So be aware this isn't a light fluffy read by any means. I will say it was really difficult for me to handle to age difference in Jennie's relationship. If this hadn't been a true story it would have bothered me more.
I did enjoy this book and how Jennie is so interested in herbal medicine. I don't think this is a book I could re-read but still an intriguing story. 
Four stars. 

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

These Healing Hills Review


About the Book
Francine Howard has her life all mapped out until the soldier she planned to marry at WWII's end writes to tell her he's in love with a woman in England. Devastated, Francine seeks a fresh start in the Appalachian Mountains, training to be a nurse midwife for the Frontier Nursing Service.

Deeply affected by the horrors he witnessed at war, Ben Locke has never thought further ahead than making it home to Kentucky. His future shrouded in as much mist as his beloved mountains, he's at a loss when it comes to envisioning what's next for his life.

When Francine's and Ben's paths intersect, it's immediately clear that they are from different worlds and value different things. But love has a way of healing old wounds . . . and revealing tantalizing new possibilities. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this idea of this story. The cover is stunning and the setting is superb. At times this book got a bit slow for me and I really didn't feel a huge connection to the characters. I did enjoy seeing how Francine made a change in her life and didn't settle. I liked her adventures in the mountains and I also enjoyed reading from Ben's point of view. I thought the author moved the characters along well in personal growth, I just struggled to become totally engrossed in their story. 
Three stars. 

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Beside Still Water's Book Review


About the Book 
Is she jumping from a city firetrap into a wilderness icebox?

Violet Channing, orphaned at a young age, is tossed about by life’s turbulent waters when the aunt who raised her dies. She wants nothing more than to be a schoolteacher. Living in a Boston tenement in 1915, barely able to survive, she accepts a job as a live-in teacher for a sick child in the harsh Yukon Territory.
Sailing up the Inside Passage of Alaska, she falls in love with a dashing Yukon riverboat captain. Just when her life feels as beautiful as her new surroundings, tragedy strikes again. Can Violet allow her losses to make her better not bitter and learn to love again in this continuing saga of the loves, tragedies, and second chances of a Norwegian immigrant family who must battle the beautiful but often dangerous waters of early twentieth century Southeast Alaska? (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

This book deals with a lot of painful things that happen in life. At times it was a tad depressing to read but I think the story needed to be this real. Life is not easy and this book about a woman dealing with a lot of grief. I thought the whirlwind romance was a bit too fast or just didn't connect with me as much as I had wished. I love the different settings and enjoyed the unique historical aspect during 1915. At times this book was a little slow for me but overall I liked how the characters grew and changed. Pretty good writing for a more unknown author. 

Four stars. 

"I received this book from the publisher for free. All opinions are my own."