Saturday, April 16, 2011

Snowstorm in April :)

Snow day today! We got about two inches of snow and wind yesterday. Of course it didn't surprise me that it was snowing in April. I just feel bad for all the people that have planted their gardens. It was a really wet snow though so it's all melted now.

Today I got to witness the most cute thing! Chance wasn't feeling good all day and was just wondering around the house, playing video games, watching movies, and so on. Well eventually he got this great idea to get his many boxes of legos out of the back room. I'm talking huge boxes full! He then wanders into the living room and dumps the boxes on the floor. He then proceeds to sit down in the legos pile and build Lego cars for the next three hours. Don't worry- I got pictures. It was the funniest thing to see this twenty year old engulfed in his legos. You still can't see my living room floor. Gotta love it.
My day was full of laundry, grocery shopping, baking, and watching the new Harry Potter movie. I must say the movie was filmed in awesome locations. It was better watching it in theaters for the first time, but still fun to watch again.

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