Friday, February 3, 2012

Book Review: How Do We Know the Bible is True? by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge

I got this book and discovered it was Bible Study material while being very interesting. I love knowing the little facts that set the Bible apart and make it real and honest. So many people try to twist the details into how the Bible isn't true or the facts in it are incorrect. Ken Ham is an author that I have enjoyed in the past and Bodie Hodge was a new name to me. I thought the two of them did an excellent job in portraying people's doubts and proving why the Bible is true. There are facts and references so you can look things up as you are reading. They include multiple verses to prove their point and discuss the historical aspects of many different issues in the Bible.

I would love to use this book as either a personal or small group study.

"I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing."

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