Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Widow of Saunders Creek Book Review

The Widow of Saunders Creek by Tracy Bateman sounded interesting for me to review because I have read other novels by this author and I assumed this one would be similar. I was definitely wrong BUT in a good way! This book blew me away. I was extremely surprised as I started digging deeper into the story. I have never read a Christian fiction author who is able to handle writing about spirituality, demons, and witchcraft while weaving these things into a strong Christian perspective romance novel. At this point I'm sure you are confused with Christian and witchcraft being in the same sentence, just keep reading!

The story line has a much deeper plot that is set in the Ozarks of Missouri that is known for it's dark witchcraft and so called "widder women". Tracy brings in this inner conflict with a young widow to show how easily the Christian or non Christian can be deceived by Satan. Corrie (the young woman) moves into a house that many believe to be "haunted" but Eli (the young Christian man in book) knows that there is a demon in the house trying to deceive and only in the name of God will it go away.

I can see how this book could be controversial but I loved it. From my personal experiences this book gets straight the the heart of how demons work and how Satan roams the earth waiting to attack.  I am extremely impressed with Tracy Bateman taking on such a topic in her fiction novel.

There are some intense parts to the book so I might not recommend for younger ages but I highly recommend to everyone else!

Check out the author's site here.
Read Chapter One over here.
"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. This is my honest opinion of this book."

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