Saturday, May 5, 2012

Microwave Cake-Who Knew?

So I decided that I need to add some more recipe ideas to my blog because I cook and bake all of the time. I never cooked until I moved to Kansas and got married and now it has become a hobby of mine. I'm always trying new things so I will try to post some recipes as I go along.

I feel as though this recipe is going on here at an appropriate time, it's hot and almost summer ( at least it is here!), who wants to have the oven on??

I've tried this cake a few times and it really tastes just like a cake should and is still moist as long as you don't overcook it. My grandma makes it all of the time because it's fast and simple.

Microwave Cake Recipe
                            Servings: Full Cake. Time:12 min.

Ingredients: 1 Box Cake Mix
        3 Eggs
        Oil (amount varies with cake mixes)   
You can substitute pie filling or instant pudding mix instead of the oil and water.

Supplies:     2 ½ Quart Mixing Bowl (just big enough for ingredients to fit and small enough to fit in the microwave and preferably not plastic)
        Measuring Cup

Directions: Dump the ingredients in the mixing bowl. MIX WELL!
Make sure it is even across the bowl and not lopsided or it will cook weird.
Set in the microwave and cook for around 12 minutes ( depending on your microwave it could take shorter or longer, just make sure you don’t’ over cook it!).

It is cooked when: the sides pull apart from the bowl , it has risen and smells delicious, and when you slip a butter knife through the middle to see if it is still runny. If the middle is cooked it is done!

Don’t over cook it or it will dry out. If you add a filler is might take longer in the microwave.

Once it is cooked you can add frosting or whatever sounds good with it!

Cut a slice and enjoy!


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