Friday, November 23, 2012

Oliver Twist-Audio Book Review

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is a classic. I have seen the movie and read parts of the book. This beautifully done Radio Theatre audio book did not disappoint. I have multiple other Radio Theatre classics but aside from Anne of Green Gables, Oliver Twist is my favorite. This collection comes with 5 CDs and the DVD that shows what went on behind the scenes in the making of this drama. The packaging surprised me, the case is really nice and has a slip cover.
I love the characters and the voices match my imagination perfectly, even after seeing the movie, this drama brings out the details in young Oliver's life. I love this story and while I was listening I really appreciated the dramatized parts but also the reading of the book as Charles Dickens. Dickens was such a precise and detail writer with this classic and it just makes this collection all the better.

I highly reccomend this audio book, it will not disappoint!

Check out this link for more information from Focus on the Family.

"I received this audio book for free from Tyndale Publishers for this review. This is my honest opinion of the audio book"

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