Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Once the weather gets this cold I like to enjoy some hot chocolate-but I like to make my own!

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Here is the recipe that my family always made and I usually change it up a little each year. 

Hot Chocolate Mix
10 2/3 Cups Dry Milk (if you are going to make more than one batch I suggest buying the bigger box-cheaper in the end)
2 Cup Powdered Sugar
1 Cup Powered Coffee Creamer (plain old creamer or vanilla is good too)
2 Cups Chocolate Drink Mix (Nesquik or Ovaltine are the ones I have tried)
2 T. Cinnamon
1/2 Tsp. Ground Cloves

Mix together in a large bowl-this makes a lot! You could cut in half if needed.

If you like it extra chocolaty just add more of the chocolate drink mix. This seems like a lot, dry milk is expensive, but this makes a huge batch and tastes so much better. 

There is also another way I make it, depending on what I have in my pantry.

Hot Chocolate Mix #2
1 lb. Dry Milk
1 (7oz.) jar of coffee creamer
1 lb. Can of Cocoa
1 1/2 Cups Powdered Sugar

Mix together.



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Callie said...

Yum, I love homemade hot chocolate!