Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Skip Rock Shallows Book Review

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Skip Rock Shallows by Jan Watson has a great setting and good characters, for the most part. Set in the hills of Kentucky, Lilly is working as a doctor in the mining community. This being her first real doctoring job she wonders if she would much prefer to live in Boston with her fiance. Many characters fill her days with delightful mishaps. The odd and mysterious Tern or known as Jo seems to pop up whenever she is around. In the end there is a love story that is not what Lilly planned.
I love most everything about this book except for Lilly's relationships with her fiance and Tern. Her sudden love interest in Tern is so quickly thrown together and then the story ends. It was really difficult for me to get into this story, though I really wanted to.

I received this book through Tyndale Rewards! If you haven't heard about this program I would check it out. If you use the link I provided you will get extra points to start out with.

Also, hop over to Jan's Website to learn about all of her books.

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