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Shattered Rose Book Review

Shattered Rose (Winsor #1)
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Shattered Rose by T. L. Gray is her first book and also the first book in the Winsor series.
When obsession and love blend, and darkness consumes the mind and spirit, is it even possible to recognize the light?

Set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, nineteen-year-old Avery Nichols embarks on a journey of love, loss and recognition that perfection is often an illusion. She gives all she has to the one man who cannot love her back, but still refuses let her go. Now another fights to give her everything she doesn’t believe she deserves.

It is the beginning of her sophomore year at Winsor University, and Avery is determined that nothing will stop her momentum, not even the internal battle she has fought for four years. Forced to live on campus because of her alumni scholarship, Avery is thrilled when she is placed in the coveted University Apartments and is swept away by her roommate’s cousin, Jake, whose charm and charisma touches every part of her soul and shatters every piece of her heart. Broken and lost, Avery meets Parker, a man who not only offers her hope, but also teaches her to love in ways she never thought possible.

Jake is complicated and damaged, fighting to find his way after the loss of his mother, and despite his every attempt to stop it, Avery gets behind his defenses and forces him to feel once again. He doesn’t want to love her, but can’t let her go. Parker is genuine, honest, and falls for Avery the moment he sees her. He wants nothing more than to love her, if she would only let him.(Goodreads)
I was excited when the author asked me to review her new book, Shattered Rose. It is self published so she is marketing by herself. I love the cover and I think she is a great new author. Before receiving this book I read up on all of the reviews to see what everyone else was saying. The author also informed me that there were a lot of real issues discussed in the book such as underage drinking, sex before marriage, and eating disorders. I enjoy reading books that are true to real life but also show that it's not always a good way to live. This story hit close to home life is not easy, looking at one's body and not liking what you see, longing for the attention of someone, especially a boy, and drinking like everyone else. I love how one person in this book proves to Avery that she has value and that Christ is a true Savior.
 As a word of caution these issues are discussed, some in detail, while not obscene, it did not hinder my reading the entire book. I read the book fairly quickly, it's 402 pages so it's not short. I could relate with Avery during a lot of her struggles and I think that is why I enjoyed the book. If you can relate to a character the book is so much more interesting.
The setting is also great, aside from the college campus they are near Asheville, NC.  For a new author, I think T. L. Gray did a great job. I am really looking forward to the next book. I would reccomend this to young adults, it seems to fit more in that category, but it is a good read for anyone.
"I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review."
Learn more about T. L. Gray at her website.

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