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He Wins She Wins Book Review

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About the Book
When you get married, you expect your relationship to be a partnership in which you make decisions and face the world together, united. But often a husband's perspective and a wife's perspective on the same issue can be very different and unity in decision making can be tough. Should spouses take turns getting their way? Should they compromise? Can they avoid making decisions altogether? Dr. Harley says there's a better way--a way in which both partners get what they want and believe is best "every time."
In "He Wins, She Wins," Dr. Harley introduces the revolutionary concept of joint agreement in marriage that keeps both husband and wife on equal footing and equally satisfied. This win-win model for negotiation starts with a simple rule: Never do anything without enthusiastic agreement between you and your spouse. Dr. Harley walks couples through the five most common sources of conflict in marriage, (friends and family, career and time management, finances, children, and sex), applying the joint agreement rule in every situation. And he teaches readers how to resolve conflicts the right way, so that not only are those conflicts resolved once and for all but the couple's love for one another actually grows and is sustained for the rest of their lives.
Anyone who has been married long enough to have a disagreement will benefit from this unique new book from everyone's favorite marriage doctor.(Goodreads)

My Review

I was interested in this book, I like to read books of insight and new ideas. While this book sounds great, I was greatly disappointed with many of the ideas. Having just completed a Bible study on marriage, I had been thinking about many of these topics and this point of view was not insightful. In our study we talked about arguing and discussed how we all act and approach an argument and deal with our anger or whatnot. In this book it seemed to me that you shouldn't be concerned about how you react to arguments (such as shouting or going in the next room avoiding) and that thinking about such things is a waste of time. I understand that in many arguments you have no idea what will happen depending on the topic but I do think it's important to understand what kind of a personality you have in order to deal with your differences. 

Anyway that was one of the small things that I didn't agree with in this book.

I can't recommend, I have read better. 

"I received this book from Revell for free in exchange for an honest review."


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