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A Forest Of Doors An Orphan's Quest Book Review

 About the Book
Dallas/Fort Worth—L.A. (Lynnann) Muse might never have imagined her broken childhood would become a testimony of hope to others. In searching for God’s plan for her life, she was led to share her story in her new release, A Forest of Doors: An Orphan’s Quest (Innovo Publishing, LLC, August 2013).
Inspired by constantly recurring images of doors, Muse realized that they served as the perfect metaphor for her own life, a reflection of obstacles and opportunities that could remain closed and locked or opened to reveal great treasures. Through the exploration of her own past, L. A. discovered God’s gifts of healing and forgiveness.
Only familiar with the loss and shame of her damaged childhood, Muse began to mistrust the idea that she deserved better.  Her history of abuse and abandonment robbed her of any hope of a joyful, shining future. Despite everything, God was faithful.
Through the process of writing her story, she could see God at work and learned there were many difficult parts of her past that were keeping her wounded and broken. “I learned that I still had healing to experience,” Muse reflects. “Writing the book proved to be cathartic. I became able to forgive and move on with life.”
For her readers, Muse hopes that her words are an inspiring source of strength. “There is a plan for each of our lives. Even the most painful events work together to give us a story that will help us heal, grow, learn, and encourage others.”
Hailed by readers as intense, inspirational, and powerful, A Forest of Doors is being celebrated as a literary gem. “Don't be confused that a small book cannot deeply move you,” says A. Flynn, one of Amazon’s top memoir reviewers. “This book will. It shot straight into my heart and left me feeling quite deeply. I still think about this story and have to say that I won't be the same after having read it.”
Through A Forest of Doors, Muse takes her readers on a journey of self-revelation, bearing testimony to the healing, hope, and freedom that is available through forgiveness. The book is a transcendent, poignant tale of the strength God gives us to walk through even the darkest times and to find that even in the pain of a broken childhood, we are still His children and are deeply loved by Him. It is a message that will lift the reader above the shame and struggles of the past and lead them to a renewed future filled with promise.

 My Review
I really love that the author wrote a book about her life and her heart as a child and young adult. This story needed to be told and I'm sure there are many others like it. It starts out with a little background of her parents, they seem like normal upstanding citizens. The story ends up in abuse, drunken madness, and abandonment. It is heart wrenching to read. The only thing is I wish there was more. The author jumps from one thing to the next and I felt like I was missing part of the story. In any case this is a very short sad story that I do recommend!

 "I received this book from B&B Media Group for free in exchange for an honest review."

A Forest of Doors: An Orphan’s Quest
By L.A. Muse
Innovo Publishing, LLC/ August 2013
ISBN: 976-161341670/Paperback/98 pages

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