Friday, December 20, 2013

Getting Ready For Christmas

 Boys will be boys.
 Four hours later from the first picture......
 Little Remi had a bath!
 Tree with gifts for friends and family.
It's too bad Christmas has turned into such a stressful event. It seems the more people I talk to I get a more stressed negative attitude. I hate how the two months before one day of the year are full of debt, guilt (should I spend this much, what do I get this person, what if it's not enough?), and pressure. Does anyone actually get an "ideal Christmas"? 
I used to love Christmas when I was little. I loved getting cards in the mail and seeing people and making goodies. But every year as I get older I see more sad, depressed, and worried people during this time of year. This seems to bog me down and touch upon my own mood. I don't want to conform to this attitude, so I choose to try and make other people's holiday season better! 

I with you all a wonderful holiday season!!

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