Monday, February 3, 2014

The Vicar's Wife Book Review


About the Book

 Jane Hatton and her British husband Andrew relocate from New York City to a small village on the Cumbrian coast. Jane has been city-based and career-driven but when her fourteen year old daughter Natalie falls in with the wrong crowd at school in Manhattan, she and Andrew decide to try country living. However Jane has trouble getting used to the silence and solitude of a remote village. Natalie hates her new school, and eleven-year-old Ben struggles academically. Only seven-year-old Merrie enjoys country life. Has Jane made a horrible mistake? The Hattons have bought the old vicarage in the village. When Jane finds a scrap of shopping list, she grows curious about Alice, the vicar’s wife who lived there years before. As we follow the twin narratives of Jane, in the present, and Alice in the 1930s we discover that both are on a journey to discover their true selves, and to address their deepest fears.(Goodreads)

My Review

This book is pure delight!! I would say this is in the top ten books of the year for me. I loved everything about this book. The cover is beautiful and the characters very easy to relate with. The book is split between two women, one from the past and one in the present. Jane and her family move from New York City to a small village in England on the Cumbrian coast. They move into a very old vicarage where she finds an old shopping list that leads to the past of the last young woman(Alice) who lived there. I loved the story of Alice, and the author does a great job going from Jane to Alice and connecting the two stories. Both stories very realistic, it's not all fluff and romance, which I think is why I loved it all the more. I couldn't put it down, while it is not suspenseful, I was so wrapped up with the characters and the stunning setting! This book had the same type of feel as Letter's From Skye. I highly recommend!!

"I received this book from Kregel for free in exchange for an honest review."

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