Monday, June 8, 2015

To the Sea Children's Book Review


About the Book
As children imagine the sights, sounds, feelings, and tastes evoked in To The Sea, they can take part in one boy’s adventurous day there, with its surprises and rewards. In Graham Blanchard’s Learn, Absorb & Praise™ Collection, To The Sea is a Praise book, which wonders at the amazing miracles found in everyday life and praises the God who made them. (Goodreads)

My Review

This is a very cute board book for kids. I love the illustrations and it takes you right to the beach. A child plays and builds a castle on the sand, it fails and washes away. It's then built on the rock and withstands. It's a good illustration for kids ages 0-5. 

"Thanks to Shelton Interactive for offering me a free copy in exchange for an honest review."  

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