Monday, December 21, 2015

Snow and Pre-Christmas Events

Life has been pretty eventful since we moved. There has been a lot more things to do, firewood doesn't magically appear, and the sledding has been pretty great. I'm working on a great sled run and I have it slicked up pretty good.
Remi likes to hop in the sled with me and zoom down the hill as well, it's too funny. So as of right now we have a horse, Buford, five barn cats, and Minn and Remi our dogs. It's really been fun to be around the animals, they are so entertaining to watch. Chance asked me to go with him a couple times last week to help check cows. It was really fun, we live in such a beautiful place. As I write this it is snowing while the sun shines brightly. This is normal.

 Running sooo fast...

 My mom

 Me wearing the silly elf hat. I figured I would post it on here before someone else does...I think it was all recorded on someone's phone so now no one can black mail me. : )

My aunt was here a few days this past week so we had more grand adventures with her. Shoveling out people stuck in drifts, watching another person get stuck in the same obvious drift, setting up the Christmas tree, and remembering Christmas past. It's always fun to set up the grandparents' tree because they have all of the sentimental ornaments, like the really ugly homemade ones I made when I was five.
There was also an entertaining evening where I was gifted an elf hat that sings...yay me. It was actually quite funny. So the adventure continues in mountain living.
Happy week of Christmas!

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