Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Note Yet Unsung-One of the Best Books I Have Read!


About the Book

Despite her training as a master violinist, Rebekah Carrington was denied entry into the Nashville Philharmonic by young conductor Nathaniel Whitcomb, who bowed to public opinion. Now, with a reluctant muse and a recurring pain in his head, he needs her help to finish his symphony. But how can he win back her trust when he's robbed her of her dream? (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

I read this book in one sitting, which might have led me to staying up until one in the morning. Needless to say this book grabbed my attention from page one. Honestly, I was completely in awe with this entire story line. I have read Tamera’s other books but this one is by far her best in my opinion. This book is so good that it actually is on my list of all-time favorite books ever. This is a big deal folks! Finding a book this splendid is like finding gold and I simply must tell you all about it!
This story ties in with the previous books about the Belmont Mansion in Nashville. I wouldn’t say it’s required of you to read the previous ones to enjoy this story. What really makes this book so fabulous are the characters: Tate (One of the best male characters I have read, simply dreamy), Rebekah (whom has so much wit), and Mrs. Adelicia Acklen Cheatham (hilarious and yet so firm in opinion).  I also adored all of the other characters, especially Tate’s family. I loved reading about this time period and how women weren’t allowed to perform in the orchestra or play the violin for big crowds. It blows me away how anyone ever found a women playing the violin offensive. I also loved reading about how Tate conducted and how a symphony is written.
Now, I’ll be honest in saying, I was surprised at how the story in this book changed. As an avid reader of Christian fiction I was delighted at how Tamera Alexander made this book unique. I LOVED going from grand society to the complete opposite. I won’t say what that means because it involves spoilers.
Tate and Rebekah’s banters mixed with true life struggles made this book so worth the read.  I loved the romance (as Pepper Basham would say you can’t have too many kissing scenes ;), I loved the setting, and this story simply spoke to my heart.

Five stars!

“I received this book from Bethany House for free. All opinions are my own.”

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