Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Theory of Happily Ever After Review


 About the Book

According to Dr. Maggie Maguire, happiness is serious science, as serious as Maggie takes herself. But science can't always account for life's anomalies--for instance, why her fiancé dumped her for a silk-scarf acrobat and how the breakup sent Maggie spiraling into an extended ice cream-fueled chick flick binge.

Concerned that she might never pull herself out of this nosedive, Maggie's friends book her as a speaker on a "New Year, New You" cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. Maggie wonders if she's qualified to teach others about happiness when she can't muster up any for herself. But when a handsome stranger on board insists that smart women can't ever be happy, Maggie sets out to prove him wrong. Along the way she may discover that happiness has far less to do with the head than with the heart.

Filled with memorable characters, snappy dialogue, and touching romance, Kristin Billerbeck's The Theory of Happily Ever After shows that the search for happiness may be futile--because sometimes happiness is already out there searching for you. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

Having read Kristin Billerbeck's writing before this book, I sort of knew what to expect with this story line. I'll be honest in saying it fell short of her typical enjoyable stories. I love humor in books but this story was so difficult for me to get into and care about the main characters. The flow didn't really go anywhere and by the end of the book I was just plain disappointed. Now Kristin can write some great moments and some hilarious situations but it is difficult for me to get humor when I don't care much for the main characters. That being said I will continue to read Kristin's books this story just fell flat for me.  

"Thanks to Revell for giving me this book for free. All opinions are my own."


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