Sunday, April 28, 2019

Currently April....

April has been all about spring and green for me. Also, our beautiful crab apple tree bloomed and I have spent a lot of time under it staring up in awe. 
April zoomed on by and now as we go into May I am realizing how fast spring will be over and how much I want to do! We have switched from inside projects to all of the outdoor projects we planned all winter. We have lived in our house for not quite a year so we are still discovering and dreaming. The yard and landscape needs a lot of work but my goodness you could spend all the money in the world on such things. So we have been taking it bit by bit, adding flowers, adding a tree, adding mulch, etc. We have our garden area all set up and I will be sanding and painting our picnic table here soon.
While it was a spring month in my mind we did have a blizzard type storm that kept me home one day. I decided to paint one of our bedrooms changing it from a dull purple to a bright white. 
We also made a short trip to the mountains to see some family and enjoyed getting out of town for a weekend. A dear friend of mine came to visit this month, we rarely see each other so it was a fun treat. We went plant shopping and now I am itching to plant all the things. 
Aside from those things life just keeps pushing forward. We started a new Bible study at church and are really excited to learn more. 
I have been slacking from keeping up with my to-read pile so I think this next month I will try to read a bit more. 
April has been a fun month and I am excited for the next month of spring as well before the summer heat takes over. 

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Callie said...

Beautiful tree! I haven’t seen as many flowering trees this year, I miss them!

Michelle said...

It is and it smells so good! They are special this time of year.