Sunday, June 2, 2019

May Memories


Well May simply went by in a flash I can hardly believe it. Weather wise we had a lot of rain and cooler days, which was fine with me.  Summer heat and I don't get along. I was extremely busy at work and I think that is partly why the month went so fast for me. We went to see Michael Martin Murphey and that was a lot of fun. My man went to see him a second time (it was a free concert) and got to actually meet him and talk about guitars which will be a great memory for him.


I also might have bought some more plants- but it is so fun living in a place where things grow! I was invited to join my sister in law and mother in law for a flower shopping day and it was most enjoyable. We were able to plant our garden over Memorial Day weekend. We haven't planted a garden since we moved to our new house so we are experimenting on where we want to put everything. We have some tanks but also planted our squash just right in the ground since it always takes over. I am trying to buy plants that will come back each year so I don't have to keep buying them. Anyway May was all about the plants for me.

We turned off all streaming services for our TV for the summer (with the exception below). We spend more time outside though we do watch movies and such that we already own on rainy days. We did this last year as well and it worked out. Saves us money and less screen time is good. I want to also try and use my phone less as well. It is ridiculous how connected we are to our dang phones.

I will say we that we have watched When Calls the Heart Season Six. That is the one thing we do watch every week on Amazon. We have been fans since the second season when we went to meet the cast and so we simply have to watch it. This season has been AMAZING. Even with all of the casting issues they have done a phenomenal job with this season and I actually think it is one of the best seasons yet. If you haven't seen WCTH I highly recommend! It really is good. 

I also worked on my to read pile of books and have gotten it down to only a few. I do need some new recommendations though so if anyone has ideas on good books to read I will take suggestions! 

 I hope everyone had a wonderful May and that June is full of fun adventures for you. 

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