Saturday, October 12, 2019

100 Words of Affirmation Your Husband Needs to Hear


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Every one of us has tremendous power to either build others up or tear them down through the words we speak every day, and nowhere is this more evident than in our marriages. Are you being purposeful in how you use the power of your words to speak encouragement, strength, and love--breathing life into the heart of your spouse? Or are careless words having a negative impact on your marriage and on the heart of the one you love most?

Matt and Lisa Jacobson want you and your spouse to discover the powerful ways you can build one another up in love with the words that you choose to say every day--words that every husband and wife need to hear. These books offer you 100 Things to say to your husband or wife that deeply encourage, affirm, and inspire. Start speaking these words into each other's lives and watch your spouse--and your relationship--transform before your eyes. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

I was excited to discover this book because this topic is something that has been on my mind since I got married eight years ago. I love my husband but sometimes I think I assume that he can read my mind when he does something that I like. I appreciate it when he empties the dishwasher or takes his clothes to the washing machine. I appreciate that he works so hard to provide for us. The list is endless. But I don't always think to actually tell him these things, I simply think of them in my mind. I know how important it is to respect and love your spouse and this book is a wonderful reminder on how to do that. It is so good to pray for your spouse and I think this book is so well done in explaining that. The ideas are short and to the point. She gives you an idea on an affirmation example: You're an excellent provider. She lists a quick example and moves on to the next one. Easy to read and a wonderful reminder to voice your thoughts and remember to encourage your husband.
Five stars. 

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Dianna said...

I'd like to read this book! Husbands need encouragement just like anyone else.