Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Englisch Daughter Review


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About the Book

A marriage is tested in this Old Order Amish novel of longing for renewed love and a path for forgiveness from the best-selling author of Gathering the Threads .

Old Order Amish wife and mother Jemima has put her marriage and family ahead of herself for years. She's set herself aside. Raising four children, she's followed all the rules and has been patient in looking forward to her time to chase a dream of her own.

But when she finds out that her life savings for pursuing that dream is gone--and her husband, Roy, has been hiding a child with another woman--her entire world is shattered. Will she be able to listen to God and love Roy's child? With so much at stake, how can she and Roy fix their relationship before their lives come crashing down? (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

I am a fan of Cindy Woodsmall. Amish fiction is not my "go to" genre but Cindy has a way of creating unique Amish stories. I will be honest and say this simply was not the book for me. I know many others have loved it so this is just my personal opinion. I was expecting something a lot different and while this story holds a lot of difficult real life topics, I cringed most of my way through the book. Not necessarily because of the tough situation but because of how it was written into the story line. There were a few times I wasn't sure if I was reading Amish fiction or not. There were times I was really surprised that the story kept going. BUT the key thing that I think is important is that forgiveness matters. Not just to those you need to forgive but also for yourself in order to move on. I think that part of the issue is that the healing process in this book happens way too fast and I found that to be incredibly unrealistic for the situation. Yes, you can forgive but trust and healing take a lot of time. 
I am sure some folks will love this book and relate to it. It was not for me but I am eager to read Cindy's next book. 

Three Stars.

"I received this book from WaterBrook for free. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review."

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