Friday, January 29, 2021

Book of the Month!

 So I am a pretty big fan of Kristin Hannah and when I found out that her newest book would be featured as one of the "book of the month" picks I was EXCITED. I love her writing as stories have a lot of grit but also well written characters in my opinion. Needless to say if you enjoy reading hot of the press books and are looking for something new I highly recommend checking out Book of the Month. 


Not only can you pick up Kristin's new novel but you can also add on other previously featured books as well. For hardback new novels the price is pretty great and you might get the opportunity to read new authors you wouldn't typically read. I have discovered a couple of authors from being a part of Book of the Month and it has been fun to read genres I wouldn't typically choose such as: 

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It is worth checking out and I just wanted to share!

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Lori said...

thank you for your thoughts. i do love covers with children and animals