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Windsong Manor Review




About the Book

A young widow. A gentle stable master. A secret that could change everything. Will Nora dare risk her heart?

The London Countryside, 1820

Eleanora Coventry comes from a life of title and privilege, but even that isn’t enough to prevent her from being wed at sixteen to a controlling and dismissive husband. So when she finds herself a widow at only twenty-seven, the idea of choosing her own path forward both thrills and terrifies her. She knows how to be a daughter and a wife and mother, but she has no idea how to be Eleanora.

She moves her son and daughter to her late husband’s country estate, where she meets Ridley, the young stable master. He is ruggedly handsome, but also kind, and Eleanora finds herself drawn to him. There is only one problem: Eleanora has a title, and Ridley does not.

Ridley Ellis has a way with horses. Even the most spirited stallions trust his soft voice and gentle touch. He has the same effect on people, and when he first lays eyes on Eleanora, he is smitten by her beauty. But he quickly discovers it will take more than soft words to gain her trust—Lord Coventry had been cruel to people and animals alike. But the closer he gets to Eleanora, the more he is willing to share his heart, and more importantly, his secret.

In a world where title and privilege mean everything, will Eleanora and Ridley risk it all to find happiness? Or will the shadows of their pasts destroy everything they hope to build together? (Goodreads)


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My Thoughts

I was excited to read this story since it involves a stable and a country estate. Eleanora has a distinctly different personality as a heroine and the characters in this book all have very strong personalities. This is a love story but really it is more of a woman figuring out her life after being married to a terrible man. Her entire world has changed and she now gets to choose how to raise children and run her life. There were multiple times while reading that the events happening took me out of the book because it seemed like more of a modern story. I didn’t feel like I was reading historical fiction set in the 1820s. I am not someone who notices or makes a big deal of things being perfectly historically accurate, but this book reads so much more like modern fiction when it comes to the plot and dialogue. I love the beautiful setting and there are some really great scenes with Ridley, especially with the children. While this isn’t my favorite book, the ending wraps up nicely and it was still a pleasant read. 

Three Stars.

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