Saturday, November 18, 2023

Love, Unscripted Review

About the Book

 She thought she’d scripted the perfect boyfriend. But she’s convinced that the actor cast to play him doesn’t know a thing about real love.

Frustrated with the sad state of her dating life, restaurateur Chloe Culpepper penned a single romance novel featuring the man of her dreams. Upon the book’s publication, the hero resonated with thousands of women, catapulting the book to the top of the bestsellers list and earning the novel a movie option.

Chloe is thrilled a production company wants to bring her movie to the big screen and film it right in her hometown, Stillwater Bay, South Carolina. But when the producer casts Liam Hamilton—a notorious Hollywood playboy—for the part of her beloved Ledger, she’s appalled. He’s just like her unfaithful ex-boyfriend—and her duplicitous father. How can Liam possibly understand, much less portray, the wonderful character who captured her heart and made her readers swoon?

An embarrassing and contentious first meeting does little to allay Chloe’s fears about Liam. The man hasn’t even read her book! But one thing she she must win him over if she’s to influence his role and save the integrity of her movie.

Due to the deceitful tabloids and, okay, some minor commitment issues, Liam Hamilton’s reputation—and career—is in jeopardy. On the advice of his manager and best friend, he offers a bargain with the wholesome author of his upcoming if she will appear in public as his steady girlfriend during the making of the movie, he will take her direction on the role of Ledger.

Could a little quid pro quo offer a solution to both of their problems? Or will the bargain cause more trouble than either of them could’ve possibly imagined? (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

I enjoy books by this author so I was excited to read her upcoming release. This story is completely predictable but it is fun. Liam is my favorite character and I just loved all of the scenes with him and from his perspective. Chloe is fine but near the end of the book I was a bit annoyed with her and her attitude. She blames other people basically for her own life choices and it drove me a bit nuts. (You can't expect to live like the famous people and not have the media dig into every aspect of your life. We all know this.)  Aside from that I really enjoyed this story. It is fun and flirty and silly and cute. It is a light easy read and it would be great to read on vacation. This book could very easily be a TV movie.
It is a fun read and while not my favorite by this author I still enjoyed it. 

Four Stars. 

"I received this book from NetGalley for free. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review."

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