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To Love the Brooding Baron Review

About the Book

 Opposites attract and sparks fly when the vivacious Arabella falls for a baron who lives under the shadow of a scandalous family secret.

Arabella Latham is a free spirit who longs to feel the spark of true love, but few men can match her passion for Shakespeare or her zest for life. Though her prospects seem slim, Arabella knows she can always count on the handsome but stoic Lord Henry Northcott, dubbed “The Brooding Baron” by the ton, to be willing to engage in intelligent conversation and even share a congenial dance with her at almost every ball. His quiet demeanor is the opposite of her vivacious personality, and she finds herself drawn to him, despite their differences.

Lord Northcott has quietly admired Arabella for years, grateful that his friendship with her brother has allowed him to share in her company. But he knows he cannot pursue a romantic relationship with any woman—let alone someone as bright and beautiful as Arabella—because of the shadow that an old family scandal has cast over his life. He has vowed to preserve what is left of his family’s reputation by holding himself above reproach apart from society and focusing the majority of his efforts at Parliament.

But Arabella is determined to show Lord Northcott that life is meant to be enjoyed, and she sets out to see what is behind the walls the Brooding Baron has built around himself. Could the spark of true love be enough to drive away the shadows holding Henry back? (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

In typical Regency fashion we have a story full of parties, scandals, dancing, and family drama. Henry is an excellent character who really struggles with his past which has led him to being troubled daily and feeling hopeless about his future. I thought his story arc to be well written and the best part of this book. Arabella is a joyful and fun part of the story though I didn't love her character as much. She does have some funny parts that added to the plot in a unique way. I REALLY enjoyed Bradbury who is Henry's good friend and I really think he needs his own book. He is hilarious and I so enjoyed the scenes he was in. The main part of the book has to do with mental health and a family member staying in the mental institution. As we all know these were not great places at this time in history so it delves into that a bit. 
All that to say this is a quick Regency read that holds some twists and turns that make it enjoyable. It is very predictable but sometimes that is just what a reader needs. 

Four Stars. 

"I received this book from Shadow Mountain for free. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review."

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