Saturday, May 21, 2011

Old Town Museum

Today, me and my man decided to spend the entire day together! We have both just finished up college and are in a gap between now and when we will part ways for two months. Sad. I know. Anyway. So today, Chance decided we should head to Burlington, CO to this Old Town museum. I had never been before and he had only once. Burlington is about thirty minutes from Goodland so it was just a small little road trip.

We had so much fun walking around and taking pictures. We had four cameras with us (yes, crazy I know) and took a ton of pictures. His camera has better zoom so he took close ups and I took random shots. Great fun.

After leaving the museum, we decided to drive further on to Flagler, CO, which has a delightful restaurant and a store we love. The I-70 Diner is right off of the interstate and a fun place to sit and eat. The food was superb and the waitress friendly.

Overall it was a lovely day and I enjoyed spending it with Chance. Here are some pictures from our adventure!


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Callie said...

What a fun day! I love old museums like that.