Monday, May 2, 2011

Wedding Flowers

Our colors for the wedding are green, yellow, and brown.

Option #1
I love this bouquet but I'm nervous about the colors. It's beautiful though. I would probably not have as many roses but same idea.

Option #2
I love this because it is more simple and not just yellow.

Option #3
But I like this one because yellow.....Dilemma!

This picture is mainly for the boutonniere. Chance doesn't want to wear a big sunflower and he thought this would look nice. I also love the flowers in the buckets!

Option #4
Yes, I'm sure they are all starting to look the same now. I love this one too because of the green....and yellow. I really love how it is tied together.

This is my current wedding dilemma. But progress because these are my final ideas!


Leesa said...

Your topic is very nice. The wedding flowers is very nice with same in one data to collection in all starting to look the same now. I love this one too because of the green..., and yellow.

nancy john said...

Looks gorgeous and will be a great resource for what I'm sure will be your fabulous wedding!

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Gronny Waston said...

These are so chic flowers. I am glad to have these eye catching photos here. I am also tying wedding knot soon and would be using original flowers for bridal bouquet and even for decorations. I have placed an order at best online Bloom Flowers shop. Hoping that they will offer satisfactory services!

Parker Edward said...

Incredible post.