Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Exceptional Life

The Exceptional Life by Stephen Arterburn is written to be an inspirational book that has "8 powerful steps to experiencing God's Best for You". I always ask myself what that really means? Who can come up with "8 powerful steps" that will change a person's life? Arterburn is a well known author and his book gives advice on guilt, love, trust, forgiveness, patience, power, community, and freedom.While his book covers a wide range of feelings, it is not a book that I found to be anything new or out of the ordinary. I do not agree with everything he wrote about from his point of view, but he did have some valid opinions. Each feeling is looked at differently, broken down, and analyzed. Then he writes how a person can change once both sides of the certain feeling are looked at. The first chapter is about giving up guilt in order to get back hope. This obviously won't be "life changing" for anyone, but for those interested on another point of view on such topics, read this book. Arterburn does do a good job on giving examples of feelings with different stories so you can really get into the book and understand what he is writing about.

"I received this book this book for free from Bethany House Publishers"

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