Saturday, June 16, 2012

Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit by Beth Moore

This is a Bible study that I have been apart of for the past few months with a friend and the women in her church. I have never read or seen anything by Beth Moore and have been enjoying what she teaches. Our group meets once a week but there are things you must do each day in the book. The study also has a video where Beth Moore speaks and talks about the weeks lesson. The study is made to be a ten week study but we have turned it into a twenty week study so we can discuss the certain fruit of the spirit and watch her videos.

For example lets say the week is about love so we all fill in our daily personal study and when we meet as a group we discuss that week about love. The next week we watch the video about love because we don't have time to do both in one evening.

The videos are usually around an hour long and there are pages in the book where you can fill in information as she speaks.

We are on week eight right now and it has made me think a lot. The daily study is more difficult some days simply because of time. Also, the week on patience was difficult because it made me realize why patience is a fruit of the spirit and I struggle in that area!

Would recommend this for any women's study! After this I will be looking into more book Beth has written.

Check out the study here.

If interested in anything by Beth Moore check this site out!

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