Sunday, October 21, 2012

Call of a Coward Book Review

Call of a Coward: The God of Mose and the Middle-Class Housewife by Marcia Moston is a very realistic read about following God even when it seems crazy.

I chose this book because I am interested in everything missions and real stories that go along with the experiences. The book takes the Moston family to Guatemala when they unexpectedly feel called by God to completely uproot their life in order to serve. They pack up their belongings and drive south from New Jersey where they live in a small village helping widows and children at a home in the middle of nowhere. Marcia learns how to live with little and buy food for the entire house and plan a menu based on necessity. The family lives there for only a few months but the Lord directs them elsewhere.

I enjoyed this book but while reading I wish it could have been longer and more stories had been written about. Marcia writes about what happened but at times I wish there was more depth to the story. Overall it is a great book about a real family that follows the Lord; I only wish I could be so brave and know when I am being called!

Recommend this book to anyone who is interested in missions.

"I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson Publishing through their Booksneeze program. This is my honest opinion of the book."

Find out more about the book at the publisher's website.

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