Tuesday, October 16, 2012

gods at war

Kyle Idleman has a new DVD Bible study called Gods at War. It is a six week study that discusses idols and how anything that is in our life BEFORE God is an idol. We just started the study this week and the first video was fantastic and really makes you think.

Most people think of idols as like a little trinket that people worship or something that isn't important or maybe just an old fashioned idea. The study depicts several people who explain their idols and how something that might even be good can turn into an idol.

Kyle tied his discussion with Joshua 24. While reading the verses we realized that different versions say something different. One version says that the people would not worship other gods, my version said serve  other gods. Worship to many (myself included) always seemed to be more of like what you do in church and singing and praise. This compares worship with serving, we are to praise Him but what better honor to serve Him?

Try and think about worship as serving, it really made me think.

To conclude the study we were asked seven questions about our own idols.These questions were asked throughout the entire video as well but seemed more thought provoking at the end.

Think about it, an idol is what you live your life around. Ask yourself these questions and try to answer them.
An idol of some sort is probably the answer to these.

1. What has left you most disappointed?
2. For what do you sacrifice time and money?
3. What do you worry about?
4. Where do you go for comfort?
5. What makes you mad?
6. What do you dream of?
7. Whose encouragement means the most to you?

I will be thinking about these questions for the next week...where do I go to comfort? The answer should be the Lord but what's the truth have to say?

Check out gods at war website and video.

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