Sunday, March 23, 2014

Outlaw Book Review

 About the Book

 The story of how I, Julian Carter, and my precious two-year old son, Stephen, left Atlanta Georgia and found ourselves on a white sailboat, tossed about like a cork on a raging sea off of Australia's northern tip in 1963, is harrowing.

But it pales in comparison to what happened deep in the jungle where I was taken as a slave by a savage tribe unknown to the world. Some places dwell in darkness so deep that even God seems to stay away.

There, my mind was torn in two by the gods of the earth. There, one life ended so another could begin.

Some will say I was a fool for making the choices I made. But they would have done the same. They, too, would have embraced death if they knew what I knew, and saw through my eyes.

My name is Julian and this is my story. But more, it is the story of my son who was born to change the world.

From deep in the impenetrable jungles where New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker was born and raised, comes OUTLAW, an epic adventure of two worlds that perhaps only he could write. Full of harrowing twists, sweeping violence, and wild love, Outlaw takes us beyond the skin of this world to another unseen. (Goodreads)

 My Review

Ted Dekker is one of my favorite authors. His details and mind twisting plots I love. This book, while not his best, was very good. At the back of the book he talks about his own childhood and how he grew up around different people and languages. This book is set in the jungle and survival is a key element, until the ending where everything is better understood. The first part of this book was slow for me as it kept going back to Julian's fate. The rest of the book kept me captivated and I enjoyed the characters and the overall storyline. I don't want to give anything away, each detail is important to the story. I rate it five stars. 

 For fans of Ted Dekker you will enjoy this book, for those who enjoy twists and turns, pick this book up. 

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"I received this book from Hachette for free in exchange for an honest review."

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