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Good-bye, Bumps! Book Review


About the Book

In Good-bye, Bumps!, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and his daughter Saje tell a remarkable story from her childhood in which she was able to overcome a physical condition in a very unique way. In the telling of this story Saje and Wayne teach children the important lesson that when something is bothering them, they can change their attitude toward it and not allow it to have power over them.
      This book will help kids understand that some things about themselves can be changed and others will always be with them, but what matters is how they choose to think about these things. In addition to its valuable lesson, this charming story will remind all readers, both young and old, of what can be done with the childlike belief in what is possible. (Goodreads)

My Review

I'll be honest, the title on this book had me wondering. I thought it was an odd title, I still kind of do, but this book surprised me. For ages 4-10 I think this book speaks to all ages. The main storyline is about a girl who has bumps on her face when she is five. After waiting for them to go away for so long they really get to bothering her and she doesn't know what to do. So her dad told to look at things differently and tell her own bumps to go away- as in specifically talk to them. 
While this sounds strange the point behind it is that we all have things that we let bother us and drive us crazy about ourselves. A common one is physical appearance, weight, etc. It's a constant nagging and the book is saying "Hey when something is bugging you, do something about it, whether changing what you are able or thinking about it differently."
I think every child should know that they control their own minds and how they think on things. I think the main story is great for younger kids but they might get confused, but the older they get the more things will make sense. This book is a true story that actually happened to the author and I completely believe that your mind is powerful enough to change things.

For a children's book I think this is unique and I really enjoyed it and recommend it. 

" I received this book from Hay House Publishing for free in exchange for an honest review."

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