Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Light in the Wilderness Book Review

About the Book

Letitia holds nothing more dear than the papers that prove she is no longer a slave. They may not cause white folks to treat her like a human being, but at least they show she is free. She trusts in those words she cannot read–as she is beginning to trust in Davey Carson, an Irish immigrant cattleman who wants her to come west with him.
Nancy Hawkins is loathe to leave her settled life for the treacherous journey by wagon train, but she is so deeply in love with her husband that she knows she will follow him anywhere–even when the trek exacts a terrible cost.
Betsy is a Kalapuya Indian, the last remnant of a once proud tribe in the Willamette Valley in Oregon territory. She spends her time trying to impart the wisdom and ways of her people to her grandson. But she will soon have another person to care for.
As season turns to season, suspicion turns to friendship, and fear turns to courage, three spirited women will discover what it means to be truly free in a land that makes promises it cannot fulfill.

Based on a true story. (Goodreads)

My Review

Jane Kirkpatrick is one of my favorite authors because she really does her historical research. This story, like her others, is based on a true story. 
This book has a few different characters and jumps around a bit but mainly focuses on Letitia, an  African American woman who is free but is still treated poorly. I really found this part of the story intriguing because this book is set before the Civil War. She had been a slave and made it all the way to Oregon! I had no idea what things were like and as you read in the book it is made known how different parts of the country treated African American folks. I just loved this book because it's true history not some fanciful made up story. It's not a light read, nor is it really happy. It's real life and while fiction, she doesn't sugar coat life. It was sad to me because I felt like Davey wasn't as compassionate as could be, he really wasn't a hero as every book makes men seem.  But this makes the book more realistic.

 Anyway five stars for this book and have you seen the cover?! Beautiful.
Watch the video for the book.
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"I received this book from Revell for free in exchange for an honest review."

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