Saturday, March 21, 2015

Digital Nature Photography Review


 About the Book

Photography legend John Shaw returns with his much-anticipated guide to digital nature photography, complete with more than 250 extraordinarily beautiful photographs.
     John Shaw is the author of seven previous photography books published by Amphoto: his authentic voice and trusted advice has helped photographers achieve impressive shots in the great outdoors for decades. In his first-ever book on digital photography, Shaw provides in-depth advice on everything from equipment and lenses, composition, and close-ups, to up-to-date information on software filtration and the histogram. In addition, he offers inspirational and frank insight that goes far beyond the nuts and bolts of photography, explaining that successful photos come from having a vision, practicing, and then acquiring the equipment needed to accomplish the intention. Easily digestible and useful for every type of photographer, John Shaw's Guide to Digital Nature Photographyis sure to be the new classic in the category. (Goodreads)

My Review

 I got this book at the most perfect time! A friend of mine thought it would be fun to take a photography class so we have been doing it together at home. It's a DVD class so it's just fun but we have learned a lot. Anyway I thought this book would be a nice addition to the class and I really enjoyed looking at the pictures in this book. The main thing I got from this book was how the author explained the details of how he created the picture. The shutter speed and ISO etc. Many of the details explained in this book were more than I understood. I'm still a beginner so a few of the things I didn't totally understand even after reading the details. I don't think some things are explained very well to those who are new to photography but probably for more advanced. The main thing that really bothered me was the really tiny print. I know this sounds silly but for a book like this I thought there was way too much jammed onto a page in very small print. 

In any case I did learn a couple of things and can take away many ideas for shutter speed.
Four stars.

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for free in exchange for an honest review."

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