Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Change Is In The Air..

I struggle with change. I love short new adventures, traveling, and doing something new for one day. Moving and starting a completely different life in ranching is slightly terrifying for me. It's new, I can't plan every little thing anymore, and beginning something new is always out of my comfort zone. I know that God has a plan and reading Ecclesiastes 3 is a huge comfort to me!  
 Living in Kansas our lives have been fairly simple, essentially the same thing every day. We are both excited because that is soon to change. Our days will have unexpected events and more work involved. We feel as though we finally have a goal to reach together. Those who have read my previous blog post about us moving have asked me more detailed questions, such as, when are you actually moving?
I am staying in Kansas until the end of November as our house is on the market and I have a few things I need to do before I leave. Chance is leaving November 15th to start his new job working for this ranch. After that I am completely unsure about most everything else. I don't have a job lined out for me yet, though it is obviously on my mind. I plan on figuring that out once we are moved.
Something I have looked at is lift ticket prices at the many different ski areas. : ) It's been so long since I swished down a mountain and even if I can afford to only go once this year it will be worth it.
So needless to say that is pretty much all I know! I will tell you guys that the place we are living is the most beautiful place on earth and many pictures are to follow. I'll be posting updates on here since I am able to let everyone know what is going in one place.

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Callie said...

So excited about your move, Michelle!

Michelle said...

Thanks Callie! Me too! :)