Thursday, February 11, 2016

Life Update Winter Edition

To everything a season, a time to plow snow and a time to get stuck in a snowdrift. A time to chop ice, and a time to shovel..
    This sums up the past few weeks in our lives. We got a lot of snow as expected and it has made for many adventures. I think one day I shoveled two cars out, a deck, a driveway, and another deck. And I’m talking four feet of snow folks.  But I am thankful for all of these things because they make days memorable. Days when you can’t feel your face and there is no way you will ever get the car out and you just start laughing because this is life and what else can you do but laugh?
    Being back in the mountains has truly been wonderful, even when I have to shovel. I love the snow and I don’t mind the wind unless I’m driving and can’t see the road. The last snow storm was beautiful and I took many pictures trying to capture it all.    
    People keep asking me how I like it up here and I keep saying, well, I grew up here (yes, I actually do know what the weather is like, I lived in it for years), and there really is no where else I’d rather be living. I like that I can spend many of my days outside, snow or shine. I like that I can breathe fresh air and see wildlife on a daily basis. I like that I can zip down the road a few miles and be near family or friends. I like that things take physical effort, I don’t need a treadmill or gym membership here! I like that I get to explore where we live and learn about the history and Indians and miners that lived here before us. And for a final thought, I like that I can work along side my husband more often and learn more about this lifestyle called ranching. We are truly blessed.
   Who knows what will happen tomorrow!? : )

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