Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Full: Food, Jesus, And the Battle for Satisfaction Review


 About the Book
Whether the struggle is with excess weight, unwanted cravings, total control, or extreme diets, we all have a relationship with food. In fact, many of us are so consumed with this aspect of our lives that we’ve developed a food fixation. Our obsessive thoughts about food, about what to eat and when, may be signaling a deeper spiritual issue.

Whatever your relationship with food, Full can open your mind and heart to surprising spiritual truths and free you to approach food rightly. Unpacking a theology of food and sharing stories of women who have overcome food fixation, Asheritah Ciuciu helps readers engage this issue in a practical and holistic way.

Revealing 12 biblical principles that can break the power of food and free us to taste and see that God is good, Full addresses questions like:

Why we need a spiritual solution for our food problem
How to reawaken a hunger for God
Practical ways to overcome food fixation

Includes a quiz addressing the symptoms and manifestations of food fixation, helping you determine if you or someone you know may need this book. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts

First of all, do you see the cover to this book? It automatically makes me want to pick it up, it is so lovely.The words inside are just as good! I think this book could benefit many women. It starts with what many issues we all have with food. The guilt, the constant temptation, and how it is simply exhausting when you are constantly thinking about food. This has been a real struggle in my life and one that I have slowly gotten healed. I love all of the Biblical content she shares in this book and where true satisfaction comes from. The food we consume we forget about shortly afterward and it certainly does not last. I have read many books like this and this is one I wish I had earlier in my life. 
Highly recommend. 

"I received this book from MP Newsroom for free. All opinions are my own" 

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