Monday, January 13, 2020

Do You Like To Travel?

One of the many things I have been thinking about is where in the world to travel this year. We both really enjoy it and we save up each year so that we can take a trip.  Some years it depends on life circumstances of course but this year I think we will try to do a longer trip and then visit some areas near us throughout the year.
I have put together a list of places within reasonable driving distance that we might try to see in 2020. I also love recommendations of fun places to go so add your input! 

·         Royal Gorge in Colorado-I would like to ride the train!

·         Chile & Frijoles Festival Pueblo, Colorado-I have always wanted to go and I think it might work out this year.
·         Georgetown, Colorado– This is such a cute little town bursting with fun shops, food, and history. The drive over Guanella Pass is also well worth the journey.
·         Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park in Kansas-This is a new state park and while you might think Kansas isn’t exciting, think again! There are some treasures hidden in the prairie.
·         Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark in Kansas-I bet you have seen pictures from here but didn’t realize it was located in Kansas.
·         Pioneer Village in Minden, Nebraska-This place covers 20 acres! That is a lot of history and artifacts. We love history and have always wanted to visit but have yet to make it there. This could be the year.
·         Leadville, Colorado-The Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad train ride! We have been meaning to go here for a couple of years but it has yet to happen. I have family who has been on the train and they really enjoyed it. 
·         La Veta Pass area in Colorado-This I am sure won’t happen this year but GUYS this area is so unexpectedly pretty, especially in autumn. There was a fire that took out a lot of the forest but we visited after and it is still a beautiful area. Also, the northern New Mexico/southern Colorado border has some beautiful mountain areas that are well worth checking out.
 ·         The North Pole near Cascade, Colorado-I love this place so much. My husband thinks I am crazy but if you are in the area this is a fun place to spend a day. I personally don’t think you need to have kids to visit but I am sure if you do they will love it!

Some of things aren't going to happen for us this year but I thought I would share places that have been on my mind.

Are you going anywhere this year? Are you doing a “staycation”?

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