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I am a follower of Christ, wife, friend, auntie, blogger, and avid book reader. I love taking pictures of nature. I started this blog simply to share my love of books and photography. It has also been a good way for me to write out what is on my mind.
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Tammy said...

I can see from your blog that you are extremely busy, but I was wondering if you would take a change on a new author.

My name is Tammy Gray and I recently published my debut novel, Shattered Rose. I looked at your blog and was hoping you would be interested in doing a review. It is a love story about a 19 year old college student struggling with self worth and looking for it in all the wrong places. I would gladly provide you a free copy.

My website for the book is www.shatteredrosebook.com and has the video trailer along with a summary of the book. Please check it out and let me know if you are willing to help.

Thanks so much!

Faithful Acres Books ~ Linda Marie Finn said...

I love you site and wanted to ask you, what do you use to drive up your total page views, your hits ect ? Feel free to email me privately. faithfulacresbooks@gmail.com
I have a new website up and want to make it the best it can be. http://www.faithfulacres.net
Your Sister in Christ
Linda Finn
Faithful Acres Books

Sue W said...

Read your review of DAISIES ARE FOREVER when I posted my own review on Litfuse. Hope you stop by my blog THOUGHTS FROM MILL STREET. I am a retired school librarian who now spends my time reading (no surprise), quilting, gardening, spending time up north, and trying to keep my husband from spoiling the 6 grandchildren too much. By the list of publishers you review for, it looks like we may read many of the same books. I really enjoyed DAISIES ARE FOREVER.

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle,
I love reading your reviews and your blog posts! I have nominated your blog for the Sunflower Blogging Award. See the post here:



Lorri Dudley said...

Thank you for hosting The Heir's Predicament on your blog and for the lovely review. I'm so glad to hear you've enjoyed the series and grateful for your time reading and sharing your thoughts.