Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Dear Colorado Home

 This was just a fun shot while we went to check on the horses.
 Elk that we surprised.
 How can I not miss a place like this?

 The water had a thin layer of ice on top.
Moose again!!

Wow this place is beautiful and I got to grow up in such a place. I never used to appreciate it as much as I do now.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Not a Fan

Awhile ago I wrote a post about the H20 Bible study done by City on a Hill Productions. I had hoped to blog more about the videos but I just never did. Now we are watching the series by the same pastor called Not a Fan. I am really getting a lot out of this set of videos and they really make you think. This past week was about how materialistic we can be and how we sometimes just don't want God to have complete control...only a little control so that nothing in our own lives has to change.

I was talking to a friend today about how our cultures main idea with life is to do well, have a good job, make a lot of money, have a nice house, and have nice THINGS. It's incredible to think about people who's entire life revolve around this main idea. Everyone wants to do well because it's almost expected of us, and if we don't we are "looked down upon" in society.

It doesn't have to do with the money you make or what type of job you do. It's the purpose behind what you are doing. Are you working just to please yourself and make others happy? Do we live to please God and show others through our example?

This is not an easy thing to do, showing others God through example can be really difficult because there are days when I just really don't want to have patience or say the best things to others.

Just some food for thought that stopped me in my footsteps at work today, am I honoring God with what I am saying and doing at work? The next question is more difficult. If I'm not, what can I do to change?

By the way, if interested in Not a Fan check out the website over here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Weekend in the Rain

 This is my husband in his Civil War gear. He loves reenactments and wears his outfit whenever there is a black powder shoot.

 Chance and his dad.

 Chance showing a friend a couple of things.

Looking at the targets after the shoot. 

It was raining for most of this shoot but it was so much fun. We made a campfire and cooked over the fire. Yum!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Backyard Beauty

 Aren't these so pretty?

I had no idea what these bushes were all winter and then they bloomed! It was a wonderful surprise!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Book Giveaway Winner!

My book giveaway winner is Margaret! Congrats! Thanks for participating everyone! I got this number using random.org. Margaret will be mailed the book as soon as possible.

Have a good day!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Beloved Enemy Book Review

Beloved Enemy by Al Lacy is the first in the Battles of Destiny series about the Civil War.
I have read a few of Al Lacy's books and I never know what to expect. I enjoy a lot of what he has written and other books by him I simply don't find intriguing. Beloved Enemy is not my favorite book, it seemed too predictable and was difficult for me to get into.
The story is set around the Battle of Bull Run and Lacy weaves in a lot of scenes that involve President Lincoln and his family. The main characters are tested on what they believe and how the world was turned upside down during this time.

Overall I will be reading more of Lacy's books in the future but this one just wasn't my favorite. I'm sure many other people would enjoy this book though!

Check out more information here : author's info.
Here is a list of all the different book's Al Lacy has written at this site.

"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."

Monday, May 7, 2012

May Book Giveaway!

I am hosting another book giveaway this month! This month's book is Indelible by Kristen Heitzmann.

I previously wrote a review on this book here: book review. I love this book though I haven't read anything else by this author.

In order to participate, simply comment on this post about what you think makes a book good or what type of books you enjoy the most.

I will announce the winner who will then need to email me so I can get the mailing address to send off the book.

The giveaway will start Monday May 7th and end Thursday May 17th and I will announce the winner on May 18th.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Microwave Cake-Who Knew?

So I decided that I need to add some more recipe ideas to my blog because I cook and bake all of the time. I never cooked until I moved to Kansas and got married and now it has become a hobby of mine. I'm always trying new things so I will try to post some recipes as I go along.

I feel as though this recipe is going on here at an appropriate time, it's hot and almost summer ( at least it is here!), who wants to have the oven on??

I've tried this cake a few times and it really tastes just like a cake should and is still moist as long as you don't overcook it. My grandma makes it all of the time because it's fast and simple.

Microwave Cake Recipe
                            Servings: Full Cake. Time:12 min.

Ingredients: 1 Box Cake Mix
        3 Eggs
        Oil (amount varies with cake mixes)   
You can substitute pie filling or instant pudding mix instead of the oil and water.

Supplies:     2 ½ Quart Mixing Bowl (just big enough for ingredients to fit and small enough to fit in the microwave and preferably not plastic)
        Measuring Cup

Directions: Dump the ingredients in the mixing bowl. MIX WELL!
Make sure it is even across the bowl and not lopsided or it will cook weird.
Set in the microwave and cook for around 12 minutes ( depending on your microwave it could take shorter or longer, just make sure you don’t’ over cook it!).

It is cooked when: the sides pull apart from the bowl , it has risen and smells delicious, and when you slip a butter knife through the middle to see if it is still runny. If the middle is cooked it is done!

Don’t over cook it or it will dry out. If you add a filler is might take longer in the microwave.

Once it is cooked you can add frosting or whatever sounds good with it!

Cut a slice and enjoy!


Friday, May 4, 2012

The Messenger Book Review

The Messenger is written by Siri Mitchell who is a new author to me. I chose this book to review because I love historical novels. T time period in this book is set in is during the Revolutionary War 1778 in Philadelphia. The title comes from the character, Hannah Sunderland who is a Quaker, who ends up being a spy for General Washington and the Colonial Army.  There is an entire side story as to how all of this comes about but I won't give it away.

This is not a typical romance type novel, there is very little "romance" and is really more about the historical aspects and everything that went on during that time from Hannah's and Jeremiah's (the young man in the story) perspectives. The British take over her family's home, her brother is in jail for being in the Colonial Army, and Quakers don't believe in war and have dismissed their son from being apart of their life. There are so many little details and information to take in with this story that it took me some time to read it and understand what all was going on.

I enjoyed it, though it wasn't as good as I was expecting, I always have high hopes for such books.

I am interested in more of Siri Mitchell's books because as an author she did an incredible job with her research and writing.

If you enjoy historical fiction and aren't wanting to read a sappy love story that is predictable, this book is for you!

Check out the authors website here :Siri Mitchell's Website Link

"I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers for this review"

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Monthly Menus

A few months ago I started talking with a friend about food, menus, planning meals, and an overall grocery budget. Granted it's only myself and my husband to feed but our schedules are so different and random that I thought having a plan would help.

My friend showed me how she printed off a monthly menu each month and filled a meal each day she knew she would have to cook for her family.

The idea of a monthly menu is to keep to a grocery budget and have an organized way of planning meals without last minute panic dinners.

With a menu you:
  • Don't buy everything in the store and not use some of it because you aren't sure what to do with it. 
  • Overspend on things you probably don't need.
  • Can be prepared the previous day before and meal and thaw out meat, make things in advance etc. 
I have been doing a menu for the past three months and it really is a great idea for us because when we go shopping, we go bulk shopping and can now know exactly what to buy. We don't have access to a lot of different groceries here and so we try to buy everything we need all in one big trip to the city.

Here is what I have discovered:
  • You will probably never follow your menu just like you first write it down-but that's ok just switch a day.
  • You can be more creative with food because you have time to prepare-I have tried many different things outside of the typical.
  • Allow a couple of easy typical meals because things always happen when you just need a quick meal.
  • If you are going to eat out one night or have a meal every Sunday with your family-write it down. That way you know what is going on and can see it all in front of you on the calendar. 
  • Stick to dinners and if you are a leftover person plan for leftovers- make a big meal one night and use it for lunch the next day or a part of it for dinner. Chance and I usually make enough food one night that will last us a couple of days so I usually write a meal down for every other day. I'm sure this will all change if we have children some day but it works for now.
That is what I have learned so far from this experiment. We have saved quite a bit of money because I know what to buy at the store and I know what I am going to make and when.

Here is a link to where I print off my free monthly calendars: Free printable calendars
Once you go to the site there is a list of the months and you just click on the one you want and print it off.

Also, there are a lot of sites that make you pay for such things and plan out menus for you but I would think you would always have to tweak it anyway and might as well get creative for free!