Friday, June 29, 2012

The Scarlet Thread Book Review

The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers was a book I picked simply because of the author, Rivers never disappoints. This book is not my favorite of hers, but it has a very good story and is well written as it's about two different women's stories weaved together.
The main story is about Sierra Madrid who's life changes suddenly with a move and a cheating husband while her own emotions and loss overwhelm her. This story is hard to read because it is so real and it is how life is for many people. She finds a diary by a young woman who traveled the Oregon Trail and had many trials herself with her own family. It's neat to read how the past and present can be so similar. This book is great about forgiveness.

I recommend this book but if you haven't read Francine Rivers I wouldn't read this one first.

Here is an excerpt to The Scarlet Thread-excerpt.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


My husband went flying this Sunday, it was fun to watch, he loved it! There are a lot of people who know how to fly around here and there is a small airport in the town we live.

It's like a box with wings and wheels! It was so fun to watch and I will have to experience it for myself next time.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Atonement Child Book Review

The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers is a rather sad book that meets reality. The story is about young Dynah Carey who is engaged to be married and while walking home one night is raped by a stranger. These things happen all of the time-that doesn't make it any less horrific. Dynah in complete sadness and confusion goes through the next few days trying to block out what happened. Soon she realizes she is pregnant and her world changes once again.  Dynah is attending a Christian college and soon word of the tragedy spreads to those in charge at the college. Since (of course) this is a Christian college they tell her she must quit because no one is allowed to be pregnant on the campus especially from something so awful. (I just have to add that this part of the book made me really angry because this is how so many Christians are and no wonder people don't like those who believe!) 

The story continues and more people show their true colors when they find out she isn't planning on having an abortion. I won 't give away the story but it is really amazing to read such a story that talks about abortion after a rape, this isn't easy stuff to read!

Good book, but not a light read at all! Francine Rivers is a wonderful author and I will always recommend her!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Shadow of Your Smile Book Review

The Shadow of Your Smile by Susan May Warren is a terribly sad book that depicts a reality that many people will never understand. Noelle loses her memory and everything in her life is turned upside down. Her family tries to cope with her loss of memory and she tries to gain her life back. This book is about starting a life all over again and a very forgiving husband and wife who struggle to maintain their marriage.

This book reminded me a lot of the book The Vow which is a true story written by Kim Carpenter. Honestly its difficult for me to read these types of books because it could happen to anyone. To lose a memory I think would be one of the most devastating scary things to go through.

This was not my favorite book and I haven't read anything by Susan May Warren before, I will have to look into some of her other books to see how I like her as an author.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Forsaking All Others Book Review

Forsaking All Others by Allison Pittman is the first in The Sister Wives Series. I really enjoy Pittman's writing and this was one of her books that I hadn't read yet. This book has a different historical twist about the Mormons in the mid 1800s. The story is about Camilla Fox who realizes that being a part of the Mormon religion was not honoring to God and after her husband marries another wife she runs away, leaving the church and her life.

There are many issues in the story that are not usually brought up in novels and the issues with the Mormon faith were really interesting to read about in a historical context. This book takes us back to the 1800s and it proves there was as much conflict with the issues as there is now.

I like this book, though it's not as captivating as some I've read. I like the history in the story and the way the book is written. I hope to read more books in this new series!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Waiting for Morning Book Review

Waiting for Morning by Karen Kingsbury was a I chose because I am a fan of Kingsbury's writing. This book is so incredibly sad and realistic about a car accident and tragedy. The story focuses on Hannah Ryan as parts of her family are killed and her anger and hatred toward God and the world consume her. Kingsbury writes so well that you could feel the anger this woman felt and the sadness and hurt her living daughter goes through.

This book is definitely about forgiveness and how incredibly difficult is it sometimes to live a life as a Christian when everyone goes wrong.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Kingsbury and who doesn't want a light read, this is not a happy book to read. It has a great message but at times I really didn't want to read it because it is heart wrenching.

Check out this site to learn more about Kingsbury's books.

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"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit by Beth Moore

This is a Bible study that I have been apart of for the past few months with a friend and the women in her church. I have never read or seen anything by Beth Moore and have been enjoying what she teaches. Our group meets once a week but there are things you must do each day in the book. The study also has a video where Beth Moore speaks and talks about the weeks lesson. The study is made to be a ten week study but we have turned it into a twenty week study so we can discuss the certain fruit of the spirit and watch her videos.

For example lets say the week is about love so we all fill in our daily personal study and when we meet as a group we discuss that week about love. The next week we watch the video about love because we don't have time to do both in one evening.

The videos are usually around an hour long and there are pages in the book where you can fill in information as she speaks.

We are on week eight right now and it has made me think a lot. The daily study is more difficult some days simply because of time. Also, the week on patience was difficult because it made me realize why patience is a fruit of the spirit and I struggle in that area!

Would recommend this for any women's study! After this I will be looking into more book Beth has written.

Check out the study here.

If interested in anything by Beth Moore check this site out!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lilies in the Moonlight Book Review

Lilies in the Moonlight by Allison Pittman is a historical novel set in the 1920s. I love this time period and that is what intrigued me to read the book. I have read a few other books by this author and enjoyed them immensely, though I don't think this one is my favorite.

The story is centered around Lilly Margolis, a flapper with a fun care free attitude and Cullen Burnside, a wealthy man who's life is scarred from the war. Cullen's mother is also a main character who suffers from dementia and has quite an attitude to go along with it.

The journey of the book takes you along a spiritual journey of Lilly and shows forgiveness is not always easy. The book is written differently then most books I've read, with the chapters being split up unusually. It took time for me to really get into the book but after the first few chapters it was more entertaining. I appreciate how Pittman did not hesitate to include the deeper feelings and actions of a typical young flapper girl.

The main reason I enjoyed this book is because of the time period and history that surrounded the characters. If this story was set in modern day, I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much.

I would recommend Lilies in Moonlight for readers interested in a light historical novel.

Check out this website to read an excerpt: Lilies in Moonlight Chapter

Also, head over to this site to find out more about Allison Pittman and her writing.

 "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."

Friday, June 1, 2012

Flame of Resistance Book Review

Flame of Resistance by Tracy Groot was a book I was really excited about. The book is set during the Nazi occupation during the second World War. Brigitte has a lot of choices to make in order to survive the war and Tom and her find a way to survive.

I really don't want to give the book away because there are a lot of key parts to the story that I could give away. This book took me awhile to get into and understand all of the different parts because there are so many different parts to follow. This being said, I don't think it could have been written differently in a way that would be easier to get into simply because of the setting the story is set in.

I would recommend this book but don't expect a quick read.

"I received this book for free from Tyndale Publishing for this review."