Monday, January 2, 2012


 I have no idea what will happen this upcoming year but I am looking forward to some events this year.

  • April 14 marks the 100th anniversary since the Titanic sank in 1912. I love any history involving the Titanic so this is a big deal to me. ALSO! I discovered that one of my favorite authors, Deeanne Gist, will be hosting a Titanic Tea Party in Denver, CO on June 23rd in honor of the 100th anniversary. This means I get to wear a period dress and shoes AND hopefully meet Deeanne!
  • I will graduate with an Associates of Arts degree and Chance will graduate with an Associates of Applied Science degree. 
  • My best friend is having her first baby in February! 
  • We will move once again to a place we will hopefully live for longer than a year. 
  • I will hopefully find a full time job that does not involve working nights.
That is all I can think of that I am really looking forward to. Things always change and happen differently than expected so who knows what this year will bring!

I did make a few resolutions because there are a few things I want to start but I usually do that throughout the year. Things like praying each day with my husband and cooking more diverse foods are what I am aiming for this year.

We are back in the mountains this week so I won't be writing much, but I thought I should post this now since I have a computer and time.

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