Sunday, January 8, 2012

Something Many People Don't Realize

The other night I started to think about my job and the many other people who do the same type of job every day. I work the night shift at a hotel and my hours are 11pm to 7am. I had never done this type of shift before so it has been quite the experience. Does anyone realize how many people pull off working the night shift all week? It seems so convenient when your traveling and need a snack at a gas station at 2am or when your driving late and staying at a hotel and don't check in until 3am. There are so many things that we take for granted and don't really think about. The person who is working at that gas station probably has a family, but when can people see there family when they are sleeping the majority of the day? How do people cope with being awake when everyone else is asleep?

When I'm driving to work it's completely dead, everything is closed and no one is around. (Yes, I know it's Kansas but this goes for any small town). When do these people go grocery shopping? Do they socialize much? Their eating habits are completely different and it's a fact that the majority of people who work a night shift end up eating junk because there isn't anything else available at that time. I speak from experience, even though I take food from home. Its difficult to eat a meal in the middle of the night- the stomach doesn't like it much.

The EMT, jails, prisons, dispatchers, truck drivers, 24/7 Wal-mart workers, and a million others all work this shift and no one really notices. These people are not recognized and they should be. Yes, it is their choice to work the shift but the bills need to be paid.

They give up a lot to make our lives easier. Appreciate them.

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