Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ten Book Related Problems I Have

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Ten Book Related Problems I Have (could be serious or fun!)

1. One that seems to happen to me often is I start reading a book before dinner or in the midst of cooking-usually not the best idea. Things have gotten burnt or simply forgotten to be made...

2. I am all about real books, not eBooks. But I am continually running out of room...At the rate I'm going I'm going to need a bigger house.

3. They need to be able to fit into my purse, any bigger and it just doesn't work.

4. When traveling it's a struggle-books or clothes?

5. When family gets irritated when all I ask for is books..

6. Becoming so attached to characters in a series and then mid-series the author dies

7. When you discover someone you know reads the same types of books you do-party!

8. This is one I read online but it's my life in a nutshell "You constantly think about how to excuse yourself from social situations so that you have enough time to read".

9. When I say "lets stop by the bookstore" and hours later I realize my husband has left the store, finished the shopping elsewhere, and is ready to go home..

10. The fear that my future kids won't want to read...


michellesminions said...

I will absolutely dump clothes from my luggage before I'll remove books. I have a lot of these same book problems. My son is 3 1/2 and loves books because I do, which is awesome. Great list!

Michelle @ Michelle's Minions


Brooke @ i blog 4 books said...

Oh yes ... books or clothes. Tough decision.

Here's my TTT: http://iblog4books.blogspot.com/2015/02/ten-book-related-problems-i-have.html

Julie said...

Oh boy, this made me grin! So true!!! Thanks for making giggle this morning cause I can relate so well!