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Paul's Promise Movie Review & Giveaway!


 About the Movie

Set in the peak of the 1960s Civil Rights movement, Paul's Promise is the inspiring true story of Paul Holderfield, former racist firefighter-turned-pastor who started one of the first integrated churches in the American South. It’s one man’s journey to hope and healing during a troubled time in our Nation’s history that resulted in one man’s decision to serve God and stand up to injustice - a story that continues to make a huge impact on the community to this day. 


 IN THEATERS October 21, 2022


Paul's Promise chronicles Paul Holderfield, Sr.’s life, who is raised poor and knows what it’s like to go to bed hungry and hear his mother pray at night for food for her children. In the 1950’s, during the Little Rock Central High School crisis, Holderfield is a North Little Rock fireman who remembers turning his back on a Black man, hoping he will not recognize him, but he does. His childhood best friend Jimmy Lipkin approaches Paul for a handshake, but Holderfield puts his hands in his back pockets and refuses to shake Lipkin’s hand. Later convicted by his actions, Holderfield tells his wife Barbara that he will never again treat a human being that way.





My Thoughts

I really found this movie to be interesting for many reasons. It is based on a true story, prayer is key and Paul's mom does not give up and remains strong in her faith, and it shines a bright light on the history of the racism in our country. We would be foolish to think that many of these things regarding racism don't happen still today. This isn't a cheerful movie and it has a lot of gritty difficult issues within the story line. There is a lot of humor peppered in to add levity to an otherwise very sobering film. I really enjoyed the added humor because it was done well. Basically the film revolves around Paul and his mother not wanting to die before he becomes a changed man in Christ. It was truly a good movie.  There are some great lines one of which Paul's mother says, "He (God) can change anything, even a man's pride." Most all of our sin boils down to pride so I really appreciated that sentence.

This is a great movie and I am glad it was made. It is well worth watching!  



 I would use caution if watching with children as there is a lot of heavy issues such as: drinking, racism (in many forms), yelling, domestic abuse (not too graphic), hospital scenes of someone dying, etc. There is nothing I would say that isn't "clean" but I would still use caution if you have children watching with you.

 Many thanks to Damascus Road Productions for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

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This sounds like a great movie. I love movies based on true stories.