Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby Shower Diaper Cake and Decorations

I recently was invited to join in throwing a baby shower for a friend and I was the lucky one who got to decorate! I had to do a bit of research ( I don't have any kids and haven't been to a baby shower in years). I decided to attempt at making a diaper cake because they are cute and my friend specifically asked for diapers. The party was a jungle theme because that is how they decorated little man's room so I spun it off of that.

I visited Pinterest to look at different types of diaper cakes and decor, but had a limited time and budget.

I got some diapers and if I do this again I would say it is easier to use larger diapers, I used itty bitty ones and that made it more difficult.

I wanted to use ribbon to tie around the outside and was blown away with how little ribbon there is on a roll from Wal-mart! Get extra ribbon if you think you will use it.

Rubber bands is what was suggested that I use and it worked out because I bunched rolls of diapers then put a rubber band around them to keep them from unrolling.

I forgot until the last minute that I would need something to set my cake on (silly me!). I used a piece of cardboard from the bottom of a box and wrapped it in tissue paper and it turned out perfectly!

I wish I would have taken pictures of the entire process but sadly I did not. It took me awhile to get it just right, but for you creative types it would be super simple!

Oh! Also you will need the right topper! I made a mistake with mine and ordered my stuffed animal online, it ended up being way smaller than I wanted.

So here is my finished product:

I bought some baby stuff to add to it, as you can see it's not perfect but it worked!

Another gal did the food and I think she did fantastic! Do you see that watermelon?!

It was a fun time! I have lots of ideas for when I have a little one in the way future.

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Julie said...

Michelle, it turned out wonderful. You did an awesome job! Love the watermelon... somebody had way too much time on their hands -- LOL. Very very pretty -- way to go! kudos!